.iso to usb burner


Thought I should, try again,
I need image-writer or etcher (or something) to write bootable .iso to usb stick.
I have forgotten how to do a command line “dd”.
Looked in synaptic, also tried to “sudo apt-get install etcher” no luck.



So I downloaded etcher, now the problem is my usb has an image on it already so I need to overwrite with new image but etcher does not seem to want to let me do that.



I just don’t get it, so much right about this distro, but now way to burn to usb drive?



Well just simply “dd if=Downloads/some.iso of=/dev/sdX” (where X is your USB device) is as simple as it gets, be sure to wait till it finishes. Use TAB to “autocomplete” to the iso you’re looking for as well as the desired sd (prolly /dev/sdb). If gives no results, hit it twice for more.

Other than that:
Left click somewhere on your desktop and navigate
Applications > Elive > “Install elive in a USB and travel with it”
The fastest way to install is via commandline: “api unetbootin” and hit ENTER.
Once you click that, you’re good to go.to install elive.

Oh yes … do install “unetbootin” and try that for a GUI tool.
“api unetbootin” on the commandline should do the trick. :wink:



Thanks, unetbootin worked for me.

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Note: do not use unetbootin with Elive 3.0 (see the elive FAQs in the website), unless it does a real dump without modifying the internal boot system (it shows the same boot menu?)



Frankly I found that unetbootin worked on elive 3.0 but have never tested it to write elive 3.0 to flashdisk. Other distros (iso files) worked fine … still “dd” is is the easiest way to go but does create some rw problems on the flashdisk.