Leaving an Elive trail everywhere



To promote Elive is a constant and tedious task… or not?

Of course not! We have brains and superpowers! So let’s use them to automate it

For example, since we are using Discourse for this website, I needed to create a user for their own forum, then I configured my profile to clearly make a constant reference to Elive, example:

So what is Elive? this means nothing to who don’t know it… is better to say Elive Linux, then I just checked my profile to look good, and make sure that my username is still shown, because im Thanatermesis, not Elive Linux


Perfect! you have here some already-working links :applause: suggest me more to add here!

Just to help this project survive Im going to trigger these links as my daily :meditate: exercice


Promoted on LinkedIn
posted on my close to 20,000 LinkedIn profile


Can you make a pre-generated URL for include it as a Linkedln option? :slight_smile:


note sure how and if I can do that… I just posted

#elive #linux looks amazing! with your url Elive Screenshots

Will try and get back to you,


Basically these urls contains a “combo” of options, like for example the one for twitter is the link for a social share post with a predefined text

I don’t know if linkedin allows that or more exactly: what is the avaialble options with linkedin, I googled for “custom linkedin social share url” without much results, but seems like i found one called “share-on-linkedin”, make a look to this one, basically we just need to change or add the arguments to the url, note that a space is something like %20 or +


What about sharing (spamming) it (all) over any #tech #informatics #coding, #linux… Post on Instagram using instapy?
Maybe it could give some viability once set up probably


Is it me or the screenshots page doesn’t work properly?


The website is not finished, this page is not made yet, not sure if we will use a screenshots page or not ? users would look at/for screenshots, but maybe the screenshot concept is an old technology to “presentation” a linux distro? (so, instead, use some animated slider with images and descriptive texts)

not decided what to do with the screenshots page yet


The animated sliders would be awesome!
While the users will be able to share all their screenshots directly in the forum… It’d be even a way more honest and believable proof of how cool elive is (unlike some “super cool” screenshots you may find in lots of distros’ websites, way far from how the os will actually look like once installed on a real computer), while making the website way more modern and appealing


@yoda in case you missed it (it’s in Spanish :confused: luckily is close enough to Italian so I understood a good part of it!)
@Thanatermesis was it an important radio?


@stoppy98 It’s “Far enough” from English or french for me to not understand much LOL But I have been working on my spanish so I understood a 30% of it.

Cool to see Elive in a Radio Show / interview


Yeah, one of the most important radio in Venezuela, unfortunately not much people has computers in Venezuela and also, the amount of “geeks” that try’s to put / use a different operating system are like… almost none lol

But it was a funny experience and also letting the people to “know” about these possibilities is important (and should be promoted much more), as the homepage of Elive website says:

  • As of January 2010, Linux still only has a 1.02% market share within desktops. In 2018 is 1.46%

Just imagine what could be in the Linux world if this number was not “so low”, unfortunately there’s a wrong believe in linux that is “only for experts”, hard to use, etc…


I know, that’s what everybody knows. And the worse thing is that once you show people how easy to use it is, the next thing they’ll say is
“ok. But there’s no Microsoft office.”
"But libreoffice is as powerful as office (almost). Probably only Excel is better "
"see! If Excel is better why should I switch to Linux "
“you used Excel once in your whole life, and that time you plotted a random colourful thing in middle achool”
“still, nobody knows if I’ll need it. I will stick on windows”
And the same happens when talking about Adobe products. And even worse when talking about Ides! Why the hell do you study informatics if you aren’t even able to solve a stupid backtracking exercise without visual studio!


I’ve noticed that in my part of the world (northern EU) that that perspective has changed. In most that’s something Ubuntu has brought about. When telling people they should switch to Linux, I get blank stares until I bring up Ubuntu.
Though admittedly there’s no fighting pre-installed OS’es … It scares the heebyjeebies out of aspiring switchers that they might lose that pre-install as well as hardware guarantees.

I.m.h.o the only viable (economically) long term solution for Elive would be to get used by a specific hardware vendor to “beautify” it’s product. Beauty is evidently not the problem, as indeed Elive can be justly called a work of art, but x64 hardware support definitely is.
As a “short” term solution I’d recommend aiming at enlarging the community so as to attract volunteers who are able to help out and lighten the load on @Thanatermesis.