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Look here, please:

Unfortunately Elive is not on the (very complete) list.
How comes?

Methinks, it needs an overhaul ... :wink:

By the way @Thanatermesis,
why is Elive listed as a Belgium Distro, instead of Spain -
is this information outdated (e.g. Distrowatch) and needs to be updated;
if so - which information is correct then ??

I want to update this (who is the contact-person at distroWatch ??) :

I always asked myself the same question, even I found I doesn't remember where an address based at Liège (Luik) as Elive's postal address..... :flushed:

Yes, it is at 315th position:

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moved thread to #get-involved:marketing which is a more useful place to be :slight_smile:

because it was, born on belgium and stayd for years the development from here

none, there's not a fixed place, so this original information is good

i think that you can do it, you have good words :slight_smile:
but for now i don't think anything needs to be changed except the i486 entry that needs to add 64bit, but since is not yet published, we may should just wait that will be updated automatically (or then, send an email). And also the "Live category" which is more an installable distro than a livecd (and this info is important, otherwise users may think that elive is just a toy to play sometimes with)

Can not get to: