Lost keyboard volume functionnality

I updated .config to the last version and had to redo some stuff

But happen to loose my Logitech Volume Key, Mute in the process.

I tried the exec setvolume 5 up and down and mute but it doesn't work

@Thanatermesis ?

using elive-skel upgrade and choosing .config then RESTARTING the Desktop config

OK if i use the Audio configurator and choose my Logitech HeadSet, the Keys starts working again

It's only if I set pulse audio to use the speakers / line out, than volume key / mute do not work

may be (!) it's switching strangely because of an available HDMI out - port ?
What when you try to disable the inactive out?
(HDMI should be grayed out, when you are using line out jack...

if I go into Pulse Audio, the HEadSet Mic do not show / is not visible in Input Devices

Then something went wrong with the driver

ok I'll keep using the Headset for now
The only problem is that I can't controle volume when using LineOut / speaker

Some rebotos and apugs in a week it'll come back LOL

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