Low latency?


I didn't find a good tread for this question, but:

Even if Elive is very fast, light and efficient, what about the low latency kernel option?
Is it possible?
Just a kernel upgrade and it goes, or may it disturbs Elive in a way or an other?
It's mainly in my case for an eventual music or video work...
In a somewhat future, I will perhaps thinks, too, about real time: near same question?


I have actually a realtime kernel and normal kernel installed,

The realtime one seems to feel a bit blocked when high disk usage (that makes sense, is forcing resources to run in realtime), so for user experience is prefered the normal one, also seems like these options consumes more battery if im not wrong?

In other words, you have realtime kernels available if you need them for music production, example:

api linux-image-4.19.0-5-rt-amd64

Note that this kernel is not an elive custom one (which means: no reiser4 support), if you install with reiser4 you won't be able to use these partitions (or not boot) when you boot from the realtime-kernel


I think more real time for some particular navigational, robotic, automatic, systems...
For music, low latency is a good solution for avoiding lags and not too charge the system... It goes well idem for not-that-critical nav', robot'...

So is there's an option with Elive & low latency, eventually on Reiser4 or btrfs? What could be the impact of this on Elive?

Or Is Elive near low latency standard with its original kernel by construction? I bet: probably; but it could be nice to have an evaluation on that!


reiser4 is much more performant and less bottlenecked, so it is a good option for that

which kernel options are related for the low latency you are asking?