Main SEO keywords and description for homepage


The main keywords used actually for elive is:


These keywords are not bad (specially in the description, which included many as possible), but the first impact maybe can be improved

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@Rebel450 suggested: Awesome, Unique and Fast

to me sounds like an improvement :thinking:

at least since im not expert in the keyword values and their calculations of relativity with their competence lol

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Elive OS is a community driven and rich featured operating system.
It is rocksolid build on Debian base and will exite you with its beauty,
speed and visionary never seen functions yet.
Ready to use and legally equipped by open source software for all purposes,
just start
Available for modern and vintage computers as well. PC & Mac compatible.

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we will need a video or the homepage ... :surprise::typing::runningfast::coding::mwahaha::disbelief:


These descriptions / keywords are surely a good improvement for the website :slight_smile: I will update them as soon as I work on the website thing

we have one :thinking: it only shows a bit the designs of 3.0 (how nice it looks) but at least is something ATM


True, the impact with my sister was not so exceptional.

Despite i was the one suggesting "powerful", after i saw my sister's reaction i would avoid highflautin words. She was like "that's a bold statement2. So avoid Awesome!


As a non native speaker, Like you & me -
is a plain word, too often to find.
is like a description for a beautyful Lady,
which is intended to be meant.

So, let's hear an native speaker - anyone ?!?

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