Make eltrans work again

Yeah, they say it's a man's world ........ but never, ever, no way. :eyepopping:
The salt of the earth.
A few years ago I was surprised how a guy on win8 ssh'ed into my box and actually saw more GUI of my machine then I did at that moment (we were sitting next to each other) :scream:

Going off topic tho. :offtopic:

because I originally put it on there, and then I was lazy to move it out. I wanted to move it out but it was too much work, and since the git structure is hashed / checksumed and all, i don't think there's any risk by having it stored there for now (no M$ stamps on the code lol)

Think about that, without notice, our systems could become something like "Welcome to M$ Elive" :eyepopping: :woman_facepalming:

I can understand people wanting to run "windows applications" on linux (like adobe software), that's a point... :thinking:

But I cannot understand the reason to want running the nice linux applications over an insecure, bloated, and virus-prone, inoperating-system :rofl2: :rofl2: :rofl2: :rofl2: :rofl2: :rofl2: :rofl2: :rofl2:


Anyways, let's come back to the topic of this thread :offtopic:

Suggestions / comments about what eltrans should or not should have in its updated version?



It's probably because they don't know anything other than mac and windoze. We should have another windows refund day :madness:

I just think it should be clearer and less "popuppy"... And has my account been registered @Thanatermesis because I cannot login to either eltrans or ("Username not found" with Thetechrobo, TheTechRobo, and thetechrobo)

I will need to know the specific popup to remove and the "why" :slight_smile: (so, it is meant to be put for a reason, like a needed explanation), and/or a suggestion of how to improve the popup (like "foo and bar are for the same thing and could be put in a same popup"), but we will look for these details after to have it working...

yeah looks like you don't have it, send me an email with an username and a password you want to use for it and i will create you the account (so you can for now login on site but not use eltrans until its rewrited )

meaning, not zenity

I love zenity but all the popups get annoying sometimes...And I'm always worried the program crashed when i don't see a popup for about ten seconds

I think you PMed me, should be somewhere...Check the list of PMs

i'm partly a microsoft user tho.

Thanks, i rarely open it because i'm workin on a closed source project and the repo is on our server. We're lazy to pay

well, we are talking about 2 things here:

  • first, if a popup is annoying or we can improve them in a better way, we need to say which one specifically and what is the proposed change
  • by other side, if the wait between one message and another takes "too long" we need to know "which ones" in order to see if this part can be optimized OR optionally include an "in progress" popup (just like the installer does, it always includes an "in progress, with funny messages" between all its steps

in any case I'm going to review a bit all of them between the rewrite

oops, i still need to review around 50 posts on the forum including private messages, so maybe is there :slight_smile: will be faster if you just send me an email btw (i dont know when I will finish to review my notifications, which btw i have disabled my private messages because i cannot afford the time to answer them)


(translation: doing some work on eltrans...)

Sent you an email a few days ago, still no response.

Seems to be while it's communicating with the server.

I entered my non-existent username and because there were no popups i thought it crashed, and i ended up having like three instances of eltrans (because i was so confused)

Well, the main goal of my eltrans rewrite (that is now defunct because I can't use elive tools easily in python, it would be a lot more work for me) was to get rid of the zenity, I like having a normal window, but if there's an "in progress" bar at least during the lengthy operations that would be good :slight_smile:

If they're zsh or bash based they're easily executed from python with "import os"

or "import subprocess"

BTW, zenity allows progress bars:

man zenity |grep progress
Display progress indication dialog
Pulsate progress bar
Display a progress dialog while searching for all the postscript files in your home directory
find $HOME -name '*.ps' | zenity --progress --pulsate

sorry, I didn't had time YET to enable the account, but don't worry, eltrans is not yet finished (almost, seems to work good but I still betatesting it with all the options and modes). @hippytaff is also waiting my answer from email to enable the eltrans account :wink: - I will finish it soon, in 1-2 days max

@Rebel450 the reason of why german translations was so good is because it was one of the few languages that had a big work on the translations :smiley: , just saw these statistics while working on the new eltrans

well, in any case the new version seems to be very fast now, also I have rewrited the entire "counting messages" code and now it takes just 2-3 seconds to count instead of 10-20 that was before :happy_dance:

no more multiple instances will exist with the new version :slight_smile:

so I assume this is solved now :slight_smile: you will tell me when using the new version of eltrans soon...

Well, I was trying to use minimal shell usage :slight_smile:, trying to make it as "pythonic" as possible, plus it wasn't going to work anyway because I have NO CLUE how subversion works and have no intention of learning lmao

Also, I'm worried I'll do something wrong...i mean, it's hard to keep track of

Also, I have no idea what elive-tool to use for what because there are no man pages, no documentation, no nothing that I could find...and i really dont want to sift through source code...

also, I have another project (Palc) that i want to work on, so eltrans would barely be developed.

One last con of it in python—@Thanatermesis cannot help develop it because he does not know python, let alone tkinter, so it'd be best written in bash or C.

@TheTechRobo don't worry, as said yesterday is almost finished (which means fully working) :slight_smile: im finishing to betatest before to announce it as working (people using it) :smiley:

yep, thats an important point

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Is there any way we can help betatest? (e.g. putting a package called eltrans-beta on the package-server)

I cannot wait until I can help translate!!

oh — I said earlier, kind of like a joke, that maybe there could be an eltrans for the website? (find it here) I also just saw that poedit supports wordpress


tomorrow I will have it ready! :wink:

there's a preview:


Some improvements:

  • much more faster counting messages
  • improved sorting of the list (first on the list will be always the best options to pick to translate)
  • number of phrases displayed too
  • translations strictly requires to have a minimal of the 90% of messages proofreaded :slight_smile:
  • improved interface loops and popups and all
  • improved stability and better management of strange cases

note: the requirement for proofreading is made in order to have good quality (+ understandable + short + clever + autotranslatable) messages before someone translates them, otherwise the translation will be lost and also could be a translation of a wrong message, I think that @triantares will like that point :slight_smile:

note2: I added an extra small update to the Proofreading howto: Eltrans: How Proofread the original messages of Elive

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...uh...while betatesting (I ran apui eltrans and then eltrans)...

~ ❯❯❯ eltrans                                                               100
lynx: Invalid Option: -timeout
lynx: Invalid Option: -timeout
lynx: Invalid Option: -timeout
lynx: Invalid Option: -timeout
~ ❯❯❯

And, if I leave it for even longer...

~ ❯❯❯ eltrans
lynx: Invalid Option: -timeout
lynx: Invalid Option: -timeout
lynx: Invalid Option: -timeout
lynx: Invalid Option: -timeout
lynx: Invalid Option: -timeout
lynx: Invalid Option: -timeout
lynx: Invalid Option: -timeout
E: unable to get the 'package_url' for package 'eltrans' distro 'buster' arch '_all' :

lynx: Invalid Option: -timeout
lynx: Invalid Option: -timeout
lynx: Invalid Option: -timeout
lynx: Invalid Option: -timeout
lynx: Invalid Option: -timeout
lynx: Invalid Option: -timeout
lynx: Invalid Option: -timeout
E: unable to get the 'package_url' for package 'eltrans' distro 'buster' arch '_all' :

lynx: Invalid Option: -timeout


this has been a small issue in elive-tools some days ago, when you have an issue with something, make sure you are using the last version of all the packages in your system (just run "apug"), this should solve it :slight_smile:

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