Memory (resources) usage comparison of Enlightenment


I just tested the differences of memory usage between different versions of Enlightenment:

  • E16 requires only 17 MB extra to run
  • E17 elive custom with original theme 40 MB
  • E17 elive custom with Elive theme 54 MB
  • E22 needs 74 MB

Sounds like a very light future version of Elive should need e16 to be extremely light (but in a simple 1GB RAM machine, to use 74 extra MB for E22 is not really much)



Personally, I think that Elive excels at delivering a beautiful desktop with very little resources.
E16 can be used but the “beautiful” should be first priority, otherwise it will be too similar to other lightweight distros: sacrificing good looks for lower resources.

A fully fledged, beautiful, light desktop is what makes elive special … tread warily there.
An “extra light” version isn’t a bad idea but might also be something to keep “older” 32 bit versions interesting.
Newer multiple core machines shouldn’t have any problems with E22.



Yeah I agree with that, and these are difficult decisions because resources stills a very important point, at the cost of the beauty? well, that depends of how much is the costs of each one and the type of computer that a user has, so again, very difficult decisions

By other side, some users -may- need a much lighter version, that’s why I’m thinking to create a derivative of Elive using e16, I will probably announce that in a newsletter soon

I just created this thread: E16 Elive derivative system

Yep, can help better for that

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Good news, an enlightenment versions selector :wink: