MS Times New Roman opened as Arial on Libre Office Writer


I am used to install on Ubuntu Microsoft fonts so when I exchange docs document coming from someone in WOrs ( Windows)’ the fonts are note messed up

I tried sudo apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer

but the windows that normally appear to complete the installation, didn’t show up

How can I make my Windows Words documents open in ELive Libre Office Writer open with the same Time New Roman fonts and not arial ?


Is this the Debian way to do it ?


I see that ttf-mscorefonts-installer is already installed in my Elive 3.0. Does your LibreOffice Writer show Times New Roman in the font selection box? If possible, upload the sample document somewhere online, so we can test it.

P.S. The command you mentioned earlier is correct.


yes the font is listed in the font available
But, when I open a Windows Word document with that font, Writer opens it with Arial



I don’t want to reboot now, but will provide a docx test document later today, tks @kneekoo


Forget this thread
Mistake from me… Though the original was in Times new Roman but it was in arial and did opened in Arial
And the Times New Roman one, did open in Times New Roman

and yes as mentioned, the MS fonts are already installed in Elive.