My Elive's testing laboratory


  • Bottom ( floor) HP/compaq i7, 16 GB Ram, 2 X SSD (Crucial 512 GB and Kinston 128 GB)
  • little laptop on the left, old acer, 32 bits Elive
  • middle laptop, fast Dell SSD laptop ( 8 gig ram)
  • right laptop, slow HP 32 GB SSD and 2 GB Ram

Note : 2 members of the family were missing at the time of the picture, a old IBM PC in the living room for my TV and one "no name " old computer with windows for my wife's work

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@yoda Yay! nice photo :slight_smile:

Im now thinking if the removing of this wallpaper for the next build was a good idea :thinking: looks very PRO heh

We should upload these photos in a DeviantArt account with good "linux, desktop, blabla" keywords :wink: as described here Make Elive more known to the world - Elive Linux


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I like the default background picture

If people want nature, animals or "Asian anime" :laugh: in their backgtround they can change it



Lovely picture there.
Note: Same Budha statuette on my desk.:applause:

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I studied 2 years part time Tibetan / Buddhist philosophy.. I loved it

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Oh wow! I wish I had the time ..... my wife does things like that now.

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So, old wallpapers or new ones? :thinking:


I don't care " but" if given the choice I prefer the " lake one"


Am not so sure, if we are all mentally really ok, so far...
:eyepopping: :typing: :work: :eyepopping: :work: :love::work: = :nanana:

and leave me alone with your damn stupid emojis L O L

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New ones ..... I like the forest/trees one in e16. It has depth and something mysterious, kinda like a sort of nature version of my Cadiz Cathedral entrance. :innocent:
You get sucked in.