New forum for Linux, programming discussions?


I am presently watching several youtube videos to learn more about Linux, Bash and eventually will watch and read to stuff learn to program… Didn’t since I was young ( BASIC and PASCAL in College)

Should we create a forum where we would share links about documentations / videos for techies that want to learn more and who knows, be able to CODE / help @Thanatermesis with the programming of Elive ?

Some discussion I was having with @Thanatermesis : From than…
" bash is excellent for most of the things, python is better for program a more specific application (specially when it requires a GUI or more complex things), ruby is very good one like python too (i prefer much more ruby, but python is more widely used for misc things), perl is very powerful and apparently better than both of the previous ones, but is not very used (only by good admins) because it never had a big marketing impact, and C is the most powerful one, enlightenment and its modules and the special effects are made all in C, is the fastest and most powerful, but also slower to code (more code needed to do things), by other side this is not totally correct since IF you use the enlightenment libraries to code in C you can do things with very few lines of code (like a dvd player in 14 lines) because they are very powerful and doing lot of the work for yourself… you can see that in the video “make an e17 module in 10 minutes” of youtube, one line to add a button, etc… not bad! "

I have been watching several videos from this guy, really cool

If you watch the videos one after the others, he’s starting from the basics and going up with more difficult stuff…