New Mozilla Firefox feature introduced


Hi All,

today Mozilla introduced a cool new feature for the Firefox browser
it's called ' Firefox Send ' (you can google for it easily)
I expected nothing special, but I "gave it a spin" annnd -
I was surprised in a very good way!
It is the missing link for sharing a bigger file with someone else on the fly for free.

I was impressed by the lighting fast up- and down -load speed,
it was using the whole available bandwidth.
I uploaded a test-file of an iso image of 980MB with Firefox and download it with Chrome;
no need to login, just drag&drop a file into the browser window,
copy the link which will be generated immediate for the download,
send the link to your buddy - done.

I thought it is a good thing to share...


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Sounds interesting :slight_smile:

What is used the few times I needed it was "wetransfer", also very easy and without login or details iirc