Nvidia continuous compatibility and bugs

Since we have a few threads talking about Nvidia, I wanted to open a specific one related to the bugs on Nvidia that happens with the last updated builds

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Version 3.8.6 and before:

To keep the compatibility of these drivers is a real headache, in the last 3.8.6 I found many bugs related to nvidia which forced to upload a new iso (again, I did after 3.8.4 because of this) so that users will have nvidia working better...


  • 340xx worked perfectly
  • 390xx didn't compile with 5.4 kernel
    • FIXED by providing also a second kernel (default's Buster kernel, older, so compiles good)
    • FIXED telling better the user about using the other kernel
  • 2-kernels issue: if you have 2 kernels in the system, and it compiles for one and not for the other, the tool tells you that the compilation failed because the result of the installing packages failed
    • FIXED: the tool has been updated to consider as valid if it compiled correctly the module for at least the kernel that you are using
  • 'current' driver is deprecated for the 32bit architecture, it fallbacks to the version 390xx of the driver, so the user is installing 390 in fact instead without noticing
    • FIXED: by telling the user what is happening and also suggesting to use the 64bit version if specifically needs this driver

So lucky i run on AMD

Funny fact: some of the nvidia drivers are developed in my university. Need me to give a talk to someone? :upside_down_face:

yes, spank them for drop the 32bit support lol