OMG website welcoming


I think that is very important to create an “OMFG”-feeling to the users that enters in the website, “good” is not an enough wanted goal, “gorgeous” is

But how to reach that? It can be with an animated slider, nice images, but the best can be an optimal message

Let’s discuss these ideas here, and write your own suggestions!

Mentions: @jfbourdeau, @stoppy98


What do you think about something like this?

Using a big-words sentence (CTA) message saying something like:

The fastest, most beautiful and powerful Linux system ever made

And then adding a second line with a “provocative” message, like:

You don’t believe it? Try it yourself and if you found a better one, we will…

(we will what? hum… well that’s an idea)


I don’t know if it’s time for such a provocative sentence yet!

This is the best os presentation website I’ve ever seen.
We could take an example of common obsolescent piece of hardware which got a new life with elive, a few screenshots of the os showing the most important functionalities (also the low battery impact for example. Since elive is not resources angry and thank enlightenment’s easy to use power management the battery usage can be improved over Windows!!) And at the end, where in Android one’s website are shown the phones running it, you add the testimonials
More or less it’s pretty much close to the website you created already, but it’d be better if u put less descriptions of the features and some more pictures (maybe also some animated gifs? They’d give a better idea of ecomorph effects!), Each one with a different, cool background (background and high quality pics do the 90% of the job for you).
Most importantly, underline that it is a powerful os, not a powerful Linux distro. Since it’s based upon old Debian, people must think only about elive not what it’s based upon! Maybe you can add it in some technical details like in minimum requirements section or stuff like that. Give a look to

I also like the ending of Nokia phones’ presentation page:
It let’s you have a preview of how the phone will look like clicking on the colour (if the new theme and the e16 thing you were talking about are a real thing, there could be a switch upon the classic looking, the modern looking and the old computers looking options, switching between the 3 screenshots automatically).
Also the part about “inside” and “putside” would be interesting:
Outside -> description of coolest features and ecomorph/themes
Inside-> technical informations for Linux fellas


I think I went off topic talking about the whole website, sorry


@stoppy98 is on fire LOL

all that make sense

" A Picture(animated gift or video) worth a thousand word"

I would not wirte a blank check for a car I can’t see or can’t try before

So the more animated gif we have or video we have of what is hot about ELive, the better it is, I think

We live at the Fast Food era, when people throw food at your car’s door and now we can even book in advances our MacDonalds Order through our phone to pick it up ( at least in canada)…

So making efforts to download, prepare a USB stick, several people will appreciate to see what they’ll get if they put time into all the elive Trial thing



If all agree on the " more animated gif, pictures, video approach"
Let’s prepare a list of the most cool things about Elive ?

And people will Click the Elive Gallery before downloading it ?

Before i forget, don’t’ assume anything… All it or people who like technology know about the debian history, gnome, Kde/PLasma and so on…

I didn’t know about ENligntement, e16, 17, ecomorph etc

Some home made video ( sorry Than, not negative I do like the youtube video and I love the closing, the guy in his basements with computer and electronics around him) with exploding window, transparent window, hollywood special effect got my attention… None of the text ( almost) got my attention.

Later, I read (they did have value to the sales pithc) about the 2000+ custom packages and all technical details, after I watch the video, were the " final nail in the coffin"

So yes text for " Cartesian people" but more gif, pict, video ( I think some animated gift and/or video are faster to prepare than a text that we write, and rewrite and think and re-think"



Agree with the images, but less descriptions? I mean, they are important… which ones you would remove?

yes but also better: animated revolution-sliders :wink:

Very good and beautiful presentation, yes, I will save it as an example, but for the texts I have no words… “picture-perfect cameras?”, “artificial-inteligence powered processors?” WTF ???

Mmmh actually I use more the word “linux” because of SEO purposes

Already included, there’s no requirements for display or “internet connectivity”, I should say 320x280 min screen size? lol (that can be funny to say)

The problem is that (even if elive has cool designs), the 99% of the good that it has is not about “how it looks” but how / what internally has… and these things are not possible / easy to show from images / screenshots, that’s why the big list of “characteristics” in the homepage that attempts to describe them

Ok there’s many interesting things / notes in your post, I leave it opened to have a deeper look tomorrow, after to finish the newsletter announcement in fact which is a hurry thing

nope! they are very good comments / suggestions / improvements !

animated picture and / or “revolution slider” (google for the demos page to see its possibilities), this can do a very very good work if is made from a good idea, and that’s in fact the hardest part, “what to show and how”, so yes, let’s make lists of the most cool things about Elive, I have already some structured list in a mindmap, so I will wait for your point of views and then we can mix all together

of course, and that was the meaning of making a new website, to present it better (and describe)

Of course, I feel lazy even for try a new wordpress plugin, which is very few steps. And that’s of course, things to improve, we have now the site “useful” and is needed to polish the aspects to make it better in every sense (even if after to release 3.0, otherwise it would not have been ever released)

I don’t think that a gallery can be needed using these features (because already includes the images but in a more powerful way and with messages / storytellings)

Hum… interesting…
Are you talking about the “characteristics” homepage which lists features?

Not really, the process to make the media is much slower than write, and you still need to “write” (brainstorm / define) the idea first, that’s why is important to have first well defined and structured that idea. And yes, both are needed, technical text and visual appealing (unfortunately it was not possible to finish the visual ones for the 3.0 release)


I like the text, wouldn’t remove them LOL

Personnality types :

  • Sharks : Show me the money / straight to the point LOL Could I make money resselling my services acounrd Selive ? ( like canonical is doing with Ubuntu)
  • Whales : saving the planet, like to help people ( one day we could have en ELive foundation ? May be x % of the donation could go to the foundation to provide free computers to the 3rd world ?
  • Dolphins: like to have fun ( your video with Bee Gees got the Dolphin,. special effect, funny stuff)
  • Urchin : detailed oriented, want all the details ( your text )
    The 4 Personality Types - Branson, Buffett, Oprah & Cuban | LinkedIn

So my point is that a site need to speak to all types… :slight_smile:

So on the site, some pictures or animated gif of what you consider make ELive Cool, different, wowe etc ?


What is a revolution slider ?


like this ?
Elive 3.0 Stable - Download ( for the testimonial) but it would be pictures or animated gifs ?


yes and no, something like this could be done with revolution slider but in fact is a template feature, not made with revolution slider

This old page that I used for the installation in the past (donation-required installs) was made with revolution slider, but of course the official demos are much better:


Just for the fun, this is a real screenshot of a desktop running in a similar size:


For those who didn’t know what I meant in my previous posts about “revolution slider” (conversations with @stoppy98 & @jfbourdeau), I just created one in the (homepage) website of Elive, replaced the old big office image with a kind of banner in the top (this is a revolution slider), it is made using animated gif’s & web animations stuff’s

To comment about it use this topic: First impression entering in the website