Pager (E16) / swticher (Cairo)

I just spent time using the Cairo Switcher (Workspace pager) and I like it for one thing

It shows the " Applications icons" and it is very convenient / useful.


Enlightenment pager is cool (always loved it) but I think Cairo Dock pager worth a try

but while typing this, I just realized I can't move Window App from one workspace to another with Cairo pager LOL

Going back to E16 pager(switcher)


I will finaly will keep the Cairo pager... I like seing the Apps icons

Yes, I keep on trying to move or click on the pager too. Force of habit. :madness:

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I will dig again for commands that can be used in E16 to move App's window from a Workspace to the other..

With E17 I could create keyboard shortcusts, allowing me to move my windows easily from/to the Left/right or Down/Up workspace and I was using that often.

ok after one day of using Cairo pager (switcher), I like it a lot

I prefer to see the App icon, easier to know what is where...

But, I lack the ability to move an application window to another Workspace (Right,Left,Up or down) from my keyboard with some shortcut...

Anybody was using that feature on other E versions ?

Some shortcuts to easily and rapidly move a window Up, Down, left Right ( talking about workspaces)....

I think it doesn't existe in E16.

I have the same impression.
I use CTRL,ALT and arrows to move between screens and use "scrolling" to move to the other set of screens. Not very handy actually ..... I'm actually quite often looking where I left something.

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I don't remember if you can move windows between desktops in e16, you must check the bindings confs :slight_smile:

but i suggest some alternatives:

  • just drag the windows in the pager itself
  • ctrl + alt + i, switch desktop, alt + tab
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Yes you can move them over to the next virtual desktop by dragging.
Doing it with the pager is more flexible though.

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