Patreon rewards?

Many people (unlike me, I donate no matter what) donate if they're motivated. For example, Patreon rewards if they e.g. donate $5 per month or more. Like, a signed USB etc. this is just a suggestion. A very motivating patreon page is here (im not affiliated with them, their patreon page is just very motivating.)

You dont have to though (duh)


Nice way of offering perks.
Something @Thanatermesis should indeed contemplate on offering too.

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I was curious and then i read "LGR" and i was like "oh yeah well of course". I think the most motivating things are his voice and humor eheh

I think that

is a good idea. I'd like to have an elive sticker!

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That would be SO COOL!!

Yeah, his voice and humor are pretty strong, but I think my urge for a Powered by Elive sticker would be more tempting :wink:

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the idea is good, but the possibilites are not

more exactly, this person is making 6000 $ / month with his patreon, is easy to even contract somebody to do all those "gadget gifts"

elive makes around 100 $ / month, which is not enough for... well, not much

actually the only "privilege" that offers elive in patreon is to have always direct access to all the downloads (not bad, and not time-consuming reward)

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