Persistence support in new alpha's 3.7.x

There's an actual issue trying to support persistence in the new alpha's:

  • new alphas support EFI boot, which is very needed, but EFI boot is only supported for the iso-hybrid images (dvd/.iso images), which you can use to record a DVD or a USB
  • persistence not works with iso-hybrid images, we need to use the USB images for that
  • USB images doesn't support EFI boot (feature not implemented by debian-live tools)


  • if we want to have persistence, we need to have an extra USB build (we have only ISO builds now), just like it was for 3.0-stable (dvd & usb downloads), and it will also NOT support EFI (just like the stable version too)
  • or make an implementation for EFI support for the USB (hdd) creation medias in live-build tools

and this is an annoying issue...

Mentions: @triantares @Hammer459