Pinebook, pine64 the 99$ laptop, running optimized Elive Linux


Some people asked for a version of Elive for Raspberry Pi’s (ARM processors), much more for 64bit architecture, now I just found this beautiful 99$ laptop (64bit ARM processor)

What if there will be a version of Elive made for this type of computer ? I mean, a specific version of Elive optimized for this machine / architecture

Would you donate for this version ?

It could be there a market? this all depends of course of the amount of people (interest) on this computer, but sounds really cool !


What is your opinion?

  • Very interesting idea!
  • Interesting
  • Not interested
  • Waste of time

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For this particular piece of hardware a waste of time seeing as it already has it’s own Linux version pre-installed.
It could be interesting if the makers would want to change over to elive as default built-in.
I can’ t find any specifics on their OS but I suspect an Ubuntu derivate.


The point was “a better OS for it” (like people that searches for a good OS for their RaspberryPi), but yeah the best would be to just make it to be the default one. :thinking:


Yeah, if this could be done through close collaboration with the makers. There might even be some funding in it via them. Or the other way round: Offering this little machine through the elive site with elive pre-installed. I’d certainly buy 2 or 3 machines.

Either way: With enough pledges a win/win situation.