Plank as Cairo Dock replacement

I am at the moment using "plank" on my desktop to see if it can replace "cairo-dock", especially with an ultralight 32bit Elive version in mind.
Found there are some minor tweaks that can be done with the "plank --preferences" command. Or hold CTRL and right-click on the dock.
On top found an existing python program called "planksettings" which doesn't as of yet work due to an import error concerning Gtk (gtk3).
Will look into that later (prolly a complile setting).
Here's what it looks like for now.
Glaring omission is of course Elive Menu. hint,hint,nudge,nudge @Thanatermesis :hot:

cairo-dock is not so light, but it features many extra goodies, which is a good thing for a more "simpler" desktop like e16 :thinking:

Agreed but cairo (as you stated yourself) is fairly RAM hungry so plank might be better for a 32bit (light) version.

Replying to myself :face_with_head_bandage:
I solved the import problem. Now there are others like not connecting to dbus.
The optional extra settings are not very spectacular so not putting anymore energy in that.

"tint2" is a viable option too.
Very easily configured and themed and as a pro: light on resources.
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if in live mode, try loggin-out to relogin in the desktop, 3.7.5 includes a dbus verification before to continue with the boot (that should only affect to live mode)