Problem install redshift-gtk


Hi I am new here I just installed Elive Os on my old computer and I really like Elive OS but I have a little problem when installing Redshift I install using apt can't then I try downloading the redshift.deb file and installing it too I can't use synaptic still can't :frowning:

Maybe friends here can help me

Thank you



You're welcome to Elive community, we'll try to help you.

In my system I found redshift in Synaptic and I can install it without problem from Synaptic. Anyway as I try to run it I have a message from Enlightment that says that there is something that doesn't work (at least in my system).

I'm sure that other user more experimented that me will help you quickly.

While those moment, enjoy Elive and his tons of features!


synaptic is the preferred gui tool that can be used to keep your system up-to-date, and helps ensure that debs that will be installed won't break its 'pristine' condition.
On the command line, gdebi will install the deb that you obtained, and one usually has to be admin on the system. You may want to copy-paste the errors on a pastebin website, e.g.