Pulse audio doesn't work after suspend

I'm having problems with pulseaudio not starting when I log out and back in again or after waking up after "suspend", i.e it only works on initial boot.
The audio-configurator tool doesn't do any good either ...... nothing obvious works other than a complete reboot.
This is with e16 and E23 on my machine.
A Thinkpad X1 Carbon 3rd gen with:

Device-1: Intel Broadwell-U Audio driver: snd_hda_intel
Device-2: Intel Wildcat Point-LP High Definition Audio driver: snd_hda_intel
Sound Server: ALSA v: k5.4.0-0.bpo.4-amd64

Anybody have any similar issues?

Never seen this issue before, so probably is a hardware problem more than a pulseaudio problem

in any case, theres a funny experiment that you can do: install the package pulseaudio-compat-notinstalled

As you can imagine, this package will remove pulseaudio from your system and make it running with a good % of compatibility, in fact elive 3.0 used it entirely to get rid of pulseaudio, and seems like we still pretty compatible with it :slight_smile:

note that audio-configuration was originally made to configure cards for alsa, so its more or less normal that doesnt changes much for pulseaudio

and so yes, you can configure your cards with that tool if needed and will use alsa, I have already switched two computers to alsa just to see if everything works as expected

Note that some things -can- strictly depend from pulseaudio, but most of defaults elive applications should work (maybe audacity doesnt works), like E16 sound theme which uses pulseaudio and cannot work without it, yet

I have also updated the installer to include this feature (removing pulseaudio) for machines with low resources (saves 33 MB of ram, pretty much for nothing)

The funny thing is that I cannot use bluetooth speaker now without pulseaudio (in fact is possible but is more difficult to set up, i think), but instead I can use my external jack line-out to send sound to the speaker (so I run songbird from a wheezy chroot)

After testing for 2 days on E16, it looks to be OK after suspend but not after logout and
log back in again. So itś kinda strange as if it does not initialize but I cannot see any error logs. :face_with_head_bandage:

I'll see if I can get alsa running with the method you describe there..... Especially on E23.

Tried using alsa but issue remains the same when logging out and back in again.
Using the "audio" - "Volume Control" states it wants to connect to pulseaudio and stalls. The "reconfigure audio" doesn't do anything either.

ok this makes somewhat sense for pulseaudio then

when e16 starts, some apps are run, when logouts, they are forcely closed (thats a new feature, maybe you are not using it?)

the easiest, try a new e16 desktop configuration after apug, if still having the bug, see with the pulseaudio commands why it doesn't works, first, "ps aux | grep pulse", then try to run the command pulseaudio, maybe with some parameters, to see if starts the daemon, then finally we need to found why it doesnt when re-login

note: when in alsa mode, "volume control" doesn't works (its made for pulseaudio), use "alsamixer" from a terminal instead

I've just found out what' causing it: "entrance".:shocked:

On killing "entrance" from TTY1 using "sudo killall entrance" in all cases has a working pulseaudio, a normal logout and back in does not.
Using "lightdm" does not have the issue ..... so case closed.
An "entrance" bug. :face_with_head_bandage:

can report it to entrance? :thinking:

btw i have updated it recently (your post is from 1 may, so hum!) , which was not updated for some time before, so better to try the updated version first :slight_smile:

It was reported and it was confirmed and accepted -- haven't checked if it's been fixed yet.
Just checked, bug is still there. :slightly_frowning_face:

i think I have no issues with pulseaudio after suspend

Looks like they worked out the bug and resolved it. :+1:

The only "distracting" thing I find on Entrance now is, that "cairo-dock" is set as the default window-manager choice.
I'm not sure whether that's an Elive specific thingy (which I do suspect) or not. :thinking:

Yes, I noticed. It's a bit strange how a dock is now a window manager.

Can you report the bug to entrance itself?

The issue is from entrance reading the .desktop incorrectly, see:

~ ❯❯❯ grep "^Type=" /usr/share/xsessions/e16-session.desktop
~ ❯❯❯ grep "^Type=" /usr/share/xsessions/cairo-dock.desktop

I don't know why cairo-dock is on this directory but in any case is not the correct type of .desktop file that should be used for init X sessions, so entrance should only consider the ones of type XSession

All done.


Ok, understandably, they aren't fixing it unless another program has this conflict:

@TheTechRobo after looking further into this issue, I do not think it can be resolved as intended. Starting with the desktop specification, it only lists three types, application, link, and directory. That rules out using a type of xsession, as that is not valid. While it could be a valid custom type, it is not standard, and not too many things use that. Entrance accesses those files via efreet desktop support, which per the spec, reads the type field as a integer not a string. That makes reading custom types very difficult, if not unknown.
Then there are the things using Type=Application. Even Enlightenment itself lists its type as an application. Another example is the xsession.desktop file used with xinit, that also uses application. Given the amount of things using application, that is not a type that could be ignored without causing a lot of issues. Trying to get other things to switch to xsession from application would probably not be very successful.
It seems the best solution would be to change the location of cairo-dock.desktop file. Otherwise, entrance would need some sort of blacklist to ignore certain desktop files found in the default location. But as for ignoring them based on type, that does not seem to be a viable option. Therefore, I will close this issue, as short of implementing a black list, which I may be open to, but would need more than just a single application to justify that effort, there does not seem to be any way to resolve this issue in entrance. Sorry, I took a look, and am sympathetic to the issue, but have to resolve it in other ways. Thanks!

IMO it's really stupid that cairo-dock does that, but.......

IMO this is another very valid reason to kick cairo-dock.

Cairo dock looks like it is the app that makes E16 seem "modern", but it isn't .... it's actualy the app that makes E16 look old fashioned.
Just a matter of configuring and adjusting the desktop scripts. :magick:

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I've definitely noticed that too. Its menus don't look modern imo, and the dock itself isn't modern either. :thinking:

I have the issue still. I'm thinking its due to Enlightenment crashing (no guru meditation even) and sending me back to entrance. Pulseaudio might not have been shut down correctly?

Looks like you're barking up the right tree there.
On my box there's no problem. :magick:

As I said, probably as a result of the E24 crash as I haven't had the issue before.

just tested, doesn't seem to be. however, running apug reveals a new entrance update, so i'll try that.

that's because i never log out, it's either shut down or hibernate. (or leave on)