Screen brightness on E16

On my 3.8.17 install, on E16 the (Fn)hardware brightness keys do not give any response.
The strange thing is that they do work if I switch to E24 Enlightenment ...... so this is apparently very E16 specific i.e not the system failing. :baffled:

Could it be that there is some sort of override there?

3.8.17 here too, using E16 as my workhorse, screen brightness keys work fine on a Dell XPS 13 (L322X).

They used to work fine on previous E16 installs and the funny thing is that they still work on E24 --- so I'm surprised that E16 reads key-events differently or not at all.
Off course I can also make E16 use specific keys but that's beside the point.

This shouldn't be happening in the first place.