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Just something came to my head:

We use this forum much, we talk a lot, we provide a lot of good info that can be discovered accidentally on google results (SEO), which is very good...

By other side this forum is only limited to the people that are on it, is not so easy to get "accidental results", and I was just thinking:

what will happen if we make our chat conversations from Twitter instead? and use hashtags for all

for example "new #feature in #elive #linux for the #installer to support #efi finished and tested"

well, it will simply appear to some twitter results accidentally, and this could make more people to discover elive

@ElonMusk uses in fact twitter so much and is very known on it, his social impact is giant

I'm not saying that we should move on this direction but it was just a brainstorming :slight_smile:


An "SEO" interesting idea

But, twitter is less convenient to have organized discussions, no ?


who knows?... i was brainstorming this idea, hum... not sure how we can make a profit of it / use it in that similar way :thinking: ideas?


Every coin has two sides...

Not all we are talking herein may sound
always positive to others, mhm ?

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I agree wholeheartedly here. Twitter can make you big but can kill you totally if you do it wrong.
Like walking a tightrope .... everything can go wrong, only one right.

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As an example about this topic:

@Rebel450 was recently talking me about the features on his dock, but is not easy to know "how nice these features are" using only words:

Rebel450> on top from right to left: switch off | reboot | logout / time, calendar / mailbox notifier / loudness / brightness (working!) then middle: network traffic, speed / local wheather
Rebel450> right corner (yet)= applications menu.

(which of course, this description required also an image)

What if, instead we create from time to some amazing videos to upload to youtube showing amazing features ? (elive had alway many amazing features, and nobody knows them)

If im not wrong we have already included installed tools to record a nice screencast (following mouse, clicks, showing keys typed on the desktop, mic, etc etc...)

So we can create a (short) video with voice explaining as a demo-reel, and upload to youtube using an optimal-attracting title and a optimal-for-seo long description



I will put some time on it tomorrow (never done before :wink: )


Peek is one of the best for simple Animated Gift recording.
Try it !
Else VokoScreen or Peek also for video


As another suggestion (if we don't have a full-featured-capable screencast tool for linux, those which shows the mouse clicks and stuff), we can alternatively do it in a very simple way:

  • run your privative OS
  • launch elive from a virtual machine
  • screencast to the visual range of the virtual machine

There is one out there
I saw it on a video by Matthew Moore (aka MrGizmo757), will check


isn't Voko doing that ? At least showing the mouse, webCam within the screen etc

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obs-studio is also very good (avail on elive) to record a video with a composited setup (like: a background image, your desktop recording on the left, a window recording in the right, and a webcam recording your face in a boxed window in the bottom)

there's also packages that can be installed to show your keystrokes, but i dont remember the name :slight_smile: so just "apse key...something"


yea I played a lot with OBS-Studio 2 years ago.. More complex but very complete.

Voko do the mouse, webcam, and is simple but OBS you can have everything soundtrack, video, etc etc etc

I will show you something later, taht I did for my Patreon page 1 year ago... wanted to start a channel to talk about technology but in french.

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