Stable 3.0.6 sereously needs web browser updates

While using stable elive 3.0.6, I found that the web browsers needs to be updated urgently.

My bank web site warns that the web browser is to old, and suggests about upgrading the web browser Firefox. new Plugins cant be installed in default on firefox.

I like elive 3.0.6, but i'm almost forced to install elive beta.

The latest elive stable 3.0.6 is only around 12 months old since released.

Is it possible to get the web browsers upgraded so i can (and others) continue using elive stable?

I love the elive distro, and i think it has a good future.

Will there be an web browser upgrade for stable 3.0.6?

Unfortunately it uses a Debian base that was old even when Elive 3.0 was released. I don't think there's much you can do except install Palemoon (the link provides a guide).

I'd really love to use 3.0.6 but only Palemoon functions as a modern browser. It's a shame really. We can't make a remastered vesion of Stable with Debian Buster either because Thana got E17 to work on it...but just barely. Everything crashes, errors everywhere. I suppose we could fix the bugs for the new Buster but we're going to E2* soon which is similar. Try E24 out for yourself - go into Elive Beta, open a terminal, and type apui enlightenment. Now log out and you should now be in E24 :slightly_smiling_face:

If you know how to program, in theory you could fix E17 for Buster - Thana's got a repo on GitHub and the package is still up for grabs at apui e17.