Strange E2* bug related to Xscreensaver

A while ago, I had Xscreensaver installed. Whenever I left my computer on, it would crash after a while - the screensaver would be frozen and e24 would have a guru meditation. (And most of the time in this case even F1 or the left mouse button wouldn't work!)

I disabled Xscreensaver because I was sick of watching a video and getting interrupted (and there's no longer a presentation mode) .. the guru meditations stopped!

Anyone else have this issue? If you need me to test further, just tell me. :slight_smile:

(Nowadays I still get guru meditations about once or twice per week...but not nearly as much as I used to.)

Maybe my answer won't hit the topic, but I moved a long time ago from Xscreensaver to DPMS, see:

The motivation was, e16 froze with the proprietary Nvidia (GeForce 720?) driver and I couldn't find any reason.

I'll check it out.

We played around with screensaver dpms and lock-screen before.
Especially xscreensaver is fairly horrid. Sort of like a throwback to the 80s :shocked:
See the thread:

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