Strange EFM keyboard bug on E23

There is strange behaviour when using the keyboard with nothing or the EFM "home" directory selected.

See the video: Gofile - File sharing platform, anonymous and free

I've got this on 2 different laptops running fully updated Elive (using apug).
Can anybody else confirm the issue?

sorry not sure to understand, even with the video, to know what you want me to test
I am using E23
You want me to type letter while on the Deskttop LOL ?
Note : cool to hear you speak / accent.... Haven't we all have one LOL

exactly that. :w00t:

Yeah, but it's strange to hear oneself have an accent.
I can hear my Dutchness whereas a few decades back I wasn't even aware of my South African accent until I stayed in the UK for a while. The Brits were quite happy to make fun of me. :smiley14:

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if I hide opens apps CTRL + ALT + D
Then I only have the Desktop on my screen
if i type letters on my keyboard, nothing happen... this is the test ?

Yeah .... move to screen 2 (or whatever) and just type and see if something happens.
Or select "home" (not open)

BTW: This is solely E23 not 16

If you mean Virtual Desktop 2, nope... Moved there, typing letter or pressing Home Key and nothing happen

No I meant clicking the "home" icon on the Desktop. I'm thinking EFM is the culprit.
Albeit it's no big showstopper. :smiley_cat:

I don't have those icons on the Desktop. Removed them, don't remember how I did exactly.

Can add them back if you want me to try. You know how to add them back ?

Yeah, that was in "settings", "module settings" and enable "efm starter".

now if I type letters, they show up in the middle of the screen :slight_smile:

the only thing that bothers me with E23, is when the DEsktop Environnement CRASH and ask me to press F1, that I do, to fix the problem....

Not the end of the world but happens several times per week... I would not say once per day sure but, often

Perfect ...... so it is EFM that does that.
That kind of messaging could be cool if you get remote access to someone and then type all kind of horrible on their screen.
Lots better than making their DVD tray open and shut all the time.
Or maybe:
Open the DVD tray and type on the screen to have them put their coffee cup on it .... and then close it. :madness:

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That is actually quite a lot.
Any idea what you do to get that far?

no idea.... It's random....

It's sometime when I resize a window with some short cut / keyboard keys I press, click within the window to resize the window...

But I will pay more attention as to when it also happen...

I get quite some stuff like freezes or the need to reboot or reconnect but actually thought the F1 thingy only happens when I run out of RAM to keep certain Desktops settings.

All in all it has only happened to me 5 or 6 times and then only when changing a lot of E23 settings. :thinking:

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