Super Mario War is causing problems

I was playing Supermario war, and it just locked up. Nothing worked, and this happened many times after many restarts. However, when it happened recently, I had the good idea of using killall. No such luck. Even with --wait it just doesn't quit. And this latest try has left my system being extremely laggy and I can barely type this forum post.

Is this just me or is smw buggy?

Even killall doesn't stop it, these terminology windows have been open for about five minutes

Normally, even with three or four tabs open in firefox, the "processor usage" on the right is only just over a third full.

My usage is similar i.e just short of 30% like yours.
Closing the window is no problem whatsoever on my you've got something else going on.

Did you try a reboot?

it can be buggy, unfortunately nobody is maintaining it since around 2007 - 2009 IIRC

by other side there's some users that made patches for it, but since the author cannot merge the commits, nobody is updating it

try killall -9 , the -9 flag should be not ignored by apps when killing

from my old experience, it sometimes blocked in some specific moments of the game (reproducible), that's why i said it can be fixed if somebody decides to maintain it, volonteers? :slight_smile:

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I have updated the supermariowar package with the branch on which I imported commits long time ago (it was building without them), so: Commits · Thanatermesis/Super-Mario-War · GitHub


in a fast test, seems to play stable, not sure if was related to the crash of the thread

convo of these patches: Last patches by Thanatermesis · Pull Request #1 · erlehmann/Super-Mario-War · GitHub

(if anybody wants to revive this project): the fork that includes the biggest changes are these ones:

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Sorry...don't know C++...but i did update the readme and stuff, when it's done i will send a PR to your fork :slight_smile:

I really want to, but I'm stuck with Python :frowning:

I don't think much people is interested on revive / code it

somebody in the past tried to fork / rewrite it, but changing it too much (like making it scalable when resizing), but then it changed too much from the original thing

ideally could be good if simply: in case of bugs, debug it (gdb, etc), and fix it. After the game is perfectly stable, we can think on making more levels or features (in fact it has a very good amount of selected different levels :happy: )

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As I said, I really want to, but I am clueless about C++. I at one point tried to learn it but i'm not young enough anymore, my brain is wired with python :face_with_head_bandage:

This would probably be good, because IIRC it was in 1.8-beta.2 when it was there will be plenty of bugs for everyone. :madness:

Have you tried running this?

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That's really interesting...a patched SMW with a few extra features...maybe we could contribute to that, seeing as it's actually still kind of maintained?

yeah, not entirely sure on the libsdl version there, though.
I'm running on an inconveniently small SSD ATM as a temporary replacement for my borked 1Tb SSD .. so not too keen on installing cruft. :scream:

This is a fork I've started working on around 2014, with the initial goal of implementing network multiplayer support that would work cross-platform between different devices. I've also wanted to make a site for collecting the scattered content from the forum in one place once again. This became .

There's a few forks but this one seems better, I didn't know about it before, the website also shows a beautiful collection of very different levels

OK, it took me several hours to make it finally working / package but we have finally it :slight_smile:, you can check this much improved version from "apug" :dance:

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wow that config tho