Switching input language

Hello everyone! I'm from Russia. I didn't know where to write. I am a happy user of Elive 64bit. I can't find a place to add a second locale to switch from English to Russian using alt-shift or alternative keys. Why is there only one language to choose from everywhere?

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Hello Roman, if you are talking about the beta versions there's a configurator of languages and keyboards from the menus :slight_smile:

If you want to switch them fast while you are working, are you talking about the Keyboard or about the Desktop-Language ? I assume the second one...

If the second, the easiest will be to install a package like "gxkb", that runs as a widget where you can easly switch between your keyboards, but after to see a few of them looks like there's not a good candidate...

So I created a howto about how to do this in E16 (assuming you are using the beta version of Elive), please comment if doesn't works or it needs any improvement: