Syncthing - Very cool opensource software to Sync / Back Data " not on the cloud"' between computers


You want to synchronize/Backup DATA between computers / servers but don’t want your Data on the cloud ?

Real numbers of Live Data of people using it


Have you tried unison ? (already provided in Elive), I cannot think in a better tool than this one because of multiple reasons :slight_smile: , if you try it could be nice to compare it

Let me list the most important features for me:

  • you can sync anything: data between multiple computers, external disks, or even connecting to remote computers
  • data sync is based in “last updated” checks, so updating the files between your computers is bidirectional (you modified a script in computer A so its newer than in computer B, and you worked on a image in computer B that is newer than in A, so the sync is in the two directions)
  • remembers deleted files (otherwise, other tools think that a file is new because is not in computer B and copy it back again, everytime you delete it in computer A)
  • the copy uses an powerful tool in the backend (rsync), or at least looks like to work very similar
  • you can also compare differences between your local and remote files, opening the tool “meld” and merge manually things that can be better from computer A and things from computer B, then having a beautifully merged result (for example in cases that worked in both computers with the same file)

The only problem is that for configure special things like, actually list files files / directories to ignore in the sync is not novice-friendly (needs to edit files manually, or at least I think that the GUI doesn’t include this option?)

But if your proposed tool does already similar features and is more userfriendly, can be a good option to include (replace unison) :slight_smile:


Nope didn’t tried Unison

Is it Windows, mac and Linux like Syncthing ?

Will try it when I have time tks !