Talk about Elive Linux in Public


Yesterday I’ve had a chat with grottem on IRC. We’ve talked about FOSDEM (Bruessels, Belgium) and FrOScon (St. Augustin, Germany).
He said there was a talk some time ago with the result there is no money for marketing. At a booth there should be something like USB Sticks, Lanyards, Vcards or Flyer.

But I would go the other way, and start with a Presentation/Talk. You’ll need:

  • A interesting project/topic
  • Somebody who is good at graphics (powerpoint/pdf/…)
  • A presenter, who can talk in front of people

First idea: As I wrote at some places, my dream is to combine Elive with Debian Edu/Skolelinux/EduBuntu/UCS@School/…
A lot of people, who are starting with Edu*, are complaining about the outdated packages. But the most people are using it and only a few are able to contribute development and porting skills.

Second idea: Two evergreens are ‘Using Linux on legacy hardware’ and ‘Using Linux on bleeding edge Hardware’.
In my case I blow new life in my ‘Samsung NC 10 Netbook’ (32bit/2GB RAM). Replace the 160 GB HDD with a 240 GB SSD, install Elive -> Brand new Mobile System.
Even for the second topic, there is a lot to say why using proprietary vs free drivers for NVIDIA/ATI/INTEL.

Why do I start a topic here? I’d like to collect

  • projects/use cases
  • Events, where are people are around, who can profit from Elive (so Elive can profit from more active users)


I agree, a talk in public is not as cool as a parody of a popular song.
YouTube - KUBERNETES - A SUSE Music Parody
YouTube - Paint it Green - A SUSE Music Parody
and so on …

Do you believe anyone will install SUSE because of that videos? No. But people will talk about it. And one day if someone is responsible to device between RedHat and SUSE, this video could be the reason why SUSE seems to be ‘more nice’.

The only instrument I play is the iPod. But I admire everybody who is able to create such content.


Hum… doesn’t looks really like, see the “views” as a fact from these videos, they are 9k and 18k, and these videos are really VERY GOOD made! high quality and well made videos, just like the songs, very professionals, i dont know how much $ they invested on making them but is not like “just recording something”

So, this investment of time, effort and $ for having 10k views? that is nothing, in fact I have uploaded years ago a personal video showing “how to use the terminal in linux” in a youtube account that has not any reputation / value (unlike the suse’s one which is the official) and it got 25k views from no marketing at all, this means that these kind of videos has a much bigger effect than “well made viral-attempted ones” (like the songs parody), also, they are instructive and useful, so maybe could be a good idea to make a series of videos about “from noob to hacker” like videos :thinking:

Yeah, that content is amazing and very well made, that’s for sure!