The paradoxical unknown future of Elive

Didn’t come to mind. Now installed Elive 2.0 already 3 times and today gonna install it again to the same machine because of sound problem which I don’t know how to fix any other way. But now I know that I will not press the Audio Configure again because then my sound is lost. Installation takes many hours.

Thanks @Elivish for your beautiful words :slight_smile:

Unfortunately most of these articles doesn’t talk about Elive, im surprised that they search for light distros and don’t found Elive :thinking: someone should write them an email lol

A simple way to do this was having the installation paying, which has been this way in older versions of Elive (like 2.0), but this also upsets a few people (there’s a small percentage that are always upset by one reason or another). In the end, its a bit more painful process (instead of just installing fine without difficulties), the actual method is pretty simple “you can download entirely free, but we incentive the intention to donate by making you wait 1, 4, or 24 hours”, this doesn’t make much donations too but I assume that if somebody really wants to use Elive, they can perfectly wait a bit to have the download, doesn’t hurts anyone nor makes the experience painful.

Yeah the actual method doesn’t give the opportunity to “try” it, but the idea is that the website already does this job (actually it doesn’t, it needs improvements on that side) by showing how nice Elive is and which features it has (i need to demo-reel and describe these features yet)

I don’t know a better idea or way to give a “trial”, but this also can make worse the reputation with a feeling of “this is paying / privative / commercial linux”, which is not… instead, by just delaying the downloads there’s nothing wrong with that, cannot give a bad reputation for this.

I remember some distro in the past (red-hat?) that used to be cost-free but they released the cost-free/public versions like 2 months later :thinking:

Unfortunately this was for the 2.0 version which is not supported anymore (i hope that this is clearly said in the download-old-versions page, tell me if is not), but to not disallow people to -still- able to use it the donation-to-install page is kept alive, another option to avoid this payment for 2.0 is the writing an article, which if im not wrong is also explained somewhere and that page stills working too

That 2.0 version is 10 years old if im not wrong, so yeah its very possible that some things are not working, by other side in the theory the live mode should be a “demo” of -how- it works and if everything is working correctly, before to attempt to install it (or that was the idea)

Well, we are working on that from the other threads even if 2.0 is no more supported :slight_smile: let’s hope that the next development versions can be still useful, specially the e16 one based, but nothing is guaranteed since this is a very old machine and software which grows over time requires more and more resources. And the idea to have an updated browser is simply impossible, because “web technologies” started to grow in the last years in a so bloated and crappy way that is not possible to use them without consuming a lot of resources, the only way is using alternative browsers like dillo, surf, netsurf, or links2 -g


Remember that if it was not by the donations, Elive would simply not exist, so yeah is a bit annoying but is the only way that Elive can exist, so hum! :thinking: Elive may need a generous rich donnor or simply paid by an enterprise to support the continued development (and it is in fact not much actually! since there’s only a single developer, crappy capitalist world…)

Hum… take a look to the videos on the end of that page, maybe I should include a reference to them in the main page: Opinions from the Users - Elive Linux :thinking:

Note: yes that page needs a big re-work, its just as another thing in my big todo list

yes this has been pretty improved recently (and my english too)

the bot can be improved with better answers or fixing them. Not appearing? mmh that is not normal, it should be online 99.999% of the time without problems, tell me if you see that again

Well, your only issue in the end is that you are trying to revive a very old machine (and this is very nice!), but of course your possibilities are more limited, in other words you should not have had any of these problems by using 3.0, but i wonder if this is possible at all with so low resources. By other side as you know im working to see if the next version can be lighter than 3.0 (and this is a hard task)

Thank you @Elivish, they are very welcome :), please open new threads on #get-involved:communication for these details

64bit is very wanted by the users, by everybody, me too… but don’t worry, my plans are to make a 64bit version with UEFI & secure boot and all these things along with a 32bit lighter (in what is possible) for those old computers, no more “old and new kernel”, just two flavours: 64bit with maybe a bit more resources OR 32bit with a few extra optimizations and much less packages

in the direction of where capitalism is conducting it, to the apocalipse lol, no joke, a change on this world is urgent like what the venus project proposes (something like open source applied to the society but with a very well organized system) :offtopic:

Well im not trying to compete, just trying to make a better OS and hopefully living from that (or should be forced to stop doing it), if people don’t use it I don’t care, but is sad that is not more known (and also bad for the financial support)

Thank you! :love: :cheerleader: :boogie: :happy_dance: :furrydance: :rainbowyay:

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Mmmh good point, opinions @yoda ? Maybe as an extra icon in the top menu? :thinking:

By the way, there is a typo on the text of Elive on google. Elive is called Beatiful. Or is it on purpose?

Thanks for reporting it! this message has been “spread” this way on internet lol, now its fixed and should be fixed in other places too :slight_smile:

Make a look to your .asoundrc file if you have it, and make a copy, by restoring it you should have it working, or yes just delete the application to configure sound, probably at /usr/bin/audio-configurator (let’s discuss about this in another thread if you still having problems )

LOL it could… seriously, no idea…


Done for the icon

But let’s back to the original topic of this thread :slight_smile: :offtopic:

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For now Elive 2.0 is installed and I’ll stick with that for now. For the possible future lighter release Netsurf 3.8 would be a great browser cause that one is lightning fast and even though it still lacks some things it works and opens webpages.

Thanks for all your work!

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Agreed so far.
The 64bit version is the lifeline.

It has to be well publicized because it is a milestone for Elive
it can and must lead into the future.
This is a real chance for leaving the desaster behind.

A publication must be well thought out, when the time comes.

And this is a no go:

= This description does not make me any curious by reading
- we should update it somehow...

I have already alpha builds of the future 64 bit versions which are working every day better (desktop integration is not great at the moment but everything else its just amazing), and I'm not publishing yet anything just because of this reason, I need a good strategy that will improve Elive in the sense to have much bigger promoting / known


A good publication and a good strategy, I will try to talk about this in a different thread...

Agree, can you open a new thread in #get-involved:communication or #get-involved:marketing about this topic ? so we (all) can put our opinion about a better description

will do later tonight.. :cowboy_hat_face:

Nevermind, reading the answer i realized it would still need a massive spread of elive linux first

I have received an email from wikimedia asking for donations to keep wikipedia* alive:

We’re a non-profit. Only 1% of our readers give, but we manage to serve hundreds of millions of people per month. Imagine if everyone gave? We could transform the way knowledge is shared online.

It is funny to see how identical the numbers are, for Elive is also a 1% statistically

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but these do counting better than Elive does:
In millions of $....


so we need all the users of wikipedia use elive :slight_smile:

we should in fact, fill the entire wikipedia with elive link / related links


There's tons of these links, when I finish to release these alpha versions from the website i will start to work on that (improving website, links from wikipedia, etc..)

Which of course i will need help with that :slight_smile:

wikipedia is the second website from where people knwos about elive, and there's not much related links on it.. like Light-weight Linux distribution - Wikipedia

related: External links and search engines

You got it. :nod:

Thinking donations:
Is it an idea to maybe setup a "Try, use and pay what you like, think it's worth or can" method, like the HumbleBundle?
That way it doesn't feel too forcefull and may keep a lot of critics (who don't want to pay beforehand) at bay.
It's not too different to what is being used now but might create a bigger (paying) userbase eventually. IMHO the bigger the userbase, the bigger the contribution possibilities. :thinking:

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worth trying @Thanatermesis ?
I like it...
Who knows, those friend words could make a difference...

the actual idea is 32bit version download-cost-free and 64bit from donation (or write an article), if i recall correctly (need to check notes) :thinking:

and this is going to be published soon in the new download-beta page

You recall right, that's what you sugested a while ago.
I didn't react at the time because, being in alpha I didn't think there was any hurry. :slight_smile:

Personally I don't think that is going to be bring a lot of benefits (besides a lovely 32bits version :smiley14:) ... thinking that most newcomers will come looking for 64bit.

Asking for a donation beforehand is going to alienate quite few that might be worthwhile contributors later IMHO.....Freeloaders will always be there but they won't chase away those that donate anyway.
Just putting it up for free creates the idea that there's a company behind Elive, so that's not the way but the HumbleBundle path might be viable. :thinking:

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Now that elive is 64 bits i would really try for at least 3 month minimum a new download model / meaning not bugging the user with donation to download

Whatever the results you had in the past...

for some, paying to download / now a 32 bits OS didn’t make sense

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