The paradoxical unknown future of Elive


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What is that ? I only paid attention to the 100k / month he’s getting LOL


I don’t have idea what it is

That was the point, he’s making 100k / month :eyepopping:


Just looking at linuxtracker website i found this that I wanted to share on this topic / thread


As a reference that the donations are not a viable way to support / fund a project


that’s sad. My only limit is not having a credit card at the moment (which is also a benefit or i would probably end up spending all my money in a complete collection of intel based computers from 8086 to the latest i7 8086 lol)…
however, probably, as i think i said before, the best way to gain some money from a project it’s having an approach like the one’s by the q4os team. First of all it’s not just one person (maybe you should find someone else who may seriously help you! More people are directly involved, more rapidly the project will evolve! and btw, next semester i’m studying operating systems… so maybe i could be more useful?) , moreover they do not live thanks donations, they mainly give a premium support for business


There is another IMPORTANT advantage that 90% of other former Windows users would love IF THEY KNEW HOW IMPORTANT THIS FEATURE IS! I have been using Linux kernel based distros for over ten years. Why? Of course to flee the scourge of the malware magnet we all know and do not trust. I do not need to mention their name. On the horizon near and far future I see a BIG ISSUE with the init systemd. Elive 3.0 is an excellent distro that does NOT rely on systemd which is the init layers for most other easy to sue Linux distros. The SJW’s have chased out Linus but what plans do they have for other EXCELLENT code writers and developers? If there is an EASY simple way to explain the ADVANTAGES and fast response of SysV over the bulks pouty and slow systemd?? .


Food for thought.

I remember (was part of) the Mandrake community in it’s beginning days. That community on the help-forums was closely knit, civil and extremely helpful making it a valuable asset.
When in a later stage the company ran into bad financial weather that same community weighed in and raked in enough money to reinstate founder Gael Duval als CEO and keep the company alive long to find a buyer.

Gael is still active and now runs Ulteo which isn’t too far from what Elive does. He might have some pointers on what works and doesn’t and … is a very nice guy to boot. :wink:


Hrm. I will think on this.
I work for the fundraising department of a major university as an in-department sysadmin, so while I am not a fundraiser, I do know a thing or three about raising funds.
Just off the top of my head, has ELive approached any charitable foundations? Oh! DuckDuckGo, they gave away $500,000.00 USD last year to various projects, and I know Mozilla Foundation and Apache project support other smaller projects. Also, I know it was many years ago, but iirc Raster landed a BIG donation from Samsung. For corporate and foundations, a few tens of thousands is not much to worry about and may make a big difference to ELive.
I will continue to think about this and post back here.


Seems like the website doesn’t exist anymore, too bad, the project died? is there any ISO available to try ?


Nope, but this can be a good strategy / step to try, contact everything available around and try all the options

but iirc Raster landed a BIG donation from Samsung

Well, Samsung started to pay the development of enlightenment itself years ago, and a good amount of their developers directly worked at / for samsung, so I assume that this donation was just the first step of the samsung strategy (to create Tizen).

Exactly, that’s the point :slight_smile:, and on such way Elive won’t struggle with the donations of the few users (and annoying them)


I was thinking yesterday about a new idea to obtain donations and how to serve the ISO’s for the future that might be worth to consinder:

*For every version of Elive (in 32bit) with its direct download and without delay, having also a 64bit version of it downloadable with a donation

Why is this a good idea?

  • Elive still cost-free, but if the user wants to unlock a more powerful system he can “upgrade” to the 64bit mode
  • the 32bit versions are focused for old computers, which means people with low resources and so more difficulties to donate, also, it is a good thing to make their computers working back
  • every version (special versions, etc) of Elive can have its full isos perfectly shareable and cost-free (good for announcements like distrowatch or other websites which provides a direct download link)

note: there will be always alternatives for those who can’t donate, like writing an article as how has been made in the past where the install required a donation

Have this been already tried by other distros?

What is your opinion of this concept ?

HowTo: Build a 64bit kernel on Elive 2.99.9

Looks like it indeed died. Too bad, I hadn’t noticed yet.
I’m not able to check my older USB disks to see if I’ve still got a version as I’m not at home nor do I have those disks reachable thru my home server. After Xmas perhaps.
I’ll see if I can connect to Gael and/or the people that helped out there at the time (notably Texstar).

Doing a search, I found he apparently is going for mobile now. They’ ve got a crowd funding campaign running:
Crowdfunding – /e/ has more ino.


Frankly, I don’t think this has been done before.
The focus on old computers and thus people with low resources is a good tack…I actually think that high resource people might even be willing to pay for exactly that option: Think “one laptop per child” actions.
Elive is imho a superbly designed OS for low end computers, something dearly missed especially considering how commercial entities like microsoft (and apple) push their updates to stimulate the purchase of newer hardware.
Elive proving there is a sexy, fluid, modern (and showable) OS for older, low end machines (as not in the latest and greatest) is definitly a global market niche, as long as you don’t make those users feel like being 2nd choice… Attention to extreme polish, design, usability and capability in comparison to rival OS’es is a must and should be possible i.e is already the case and needs continuation. Elive fits the bill it just needs the spotlights to show it all.
Let the 64bit downloaders pay (meaning: let them know) for the the 32bit version, whilst having a superb OS on their machine… will make them feel good, part of a community effort and helping the world be a better place.

Just my 2cents. :wink:


I really liked what I read :wow:, I think that these words & feelings should be reflected in the website :thinking:


That’s the sad part of all this, people complains about the forcing a donation (or also when it’s not forced) but tons of projects dies because of the lack of donations (leading to the lack of resources, the incentive to work, and even the simple possibility to make it “for love”)


I agree. I don’ t know the answer here either excepting perhaps crwodfunding but for that the offer has to have more “value” than only " just another OS". Or it could be done thru oem hardware offers like the $99 laptop, specific 32 bit hardware or RaspberryPi’s factually turning elive (the website) in a webshop.

Both would require a lot of work and potential financial risk albeit not too big.