Tips&tricks using Enlightenment E20 and up on Elive Linux-- Wiki

E23 Issues

  • On "suspend" screen goes black showing only the pointer. It does not become visible again with any key combo or mouse action.

Even using TTY1 and then TT7 keeps the screen in the same condition. Where, apparently everything is active, only invisible.

taking a screenshot gives a same blackscreen, so it is not "just" the backlight that is off.

Going to telinit 1 and then Ctrl+D works through lightdm login screen, effectively restarting the whole desktop again.

EDIT and (not perfect) solution. I discovered (testing previousE20 in virtualbox) that holding the "power-off" button for a slightly extended period passes a "shutdown message" to the screen which makes it visible again.

  • On resume from hibernate, the system becomes unstable with kernel error messages.

  • Built-in file manager freezes the whole system when generating icons/pictograms when connecting large (USB) disks or opening directories for a first time. The built-in manager is below par compared to Thunar.

  • When configurating the desktop from settings panel the whole desktop will freeze on different occasions, requiring a logout/login.

  • Pager resizing makes the pager uncontrollable requiring a logout/login to be able to access it.
    N.B. This does not happen on E20 running on AltLinux Sisyphus

Lightdm login screen gets ever darker due to screen dimming by compositor. It has to be disabled otherwise eventually the login screen will become unworkable.

On my machine, when the mouse hits the screen edge it moves to the next (virtual) screen.

This is overly sensitive and makes the desktop extremely "jumpy" when I don't know where my pointer is.

So I disabled it by simply removing all the edge bindings here:

Hah, peace and quit. :happy:

Selecting "input methods settings" always kills the whole settings panel and requires a restart.

  • To have an icon that uses the Elive logo in the bar, download the .edj file in the link and import it through the settings theme menu.