Torrent files, download methods


If several report that, it’s sure it is a problem
If one, may be a temporary problem on our end or the person had the problem…




now 14 peers and uploading a 200 KB/sec

But if you think my list is not good or you have any suggestions let me know… I am new to torrent ( as a seeder ) LOL


10 years ago, it was easy to have reports by users, today, 10000 people can have an issue and nobody reporting it lol, its not the first time that I have see an important issue that was around for months, like the download for the USB version that not worked for almost one year and nobody complained about it


I agree

If you know what I coul double Check / verify let me know… for now I always see from 10 to 20 peers and my uploads around 200 Kb, sometime less, sometime more

Tomorrow I will take my laptop and test myself… I don’t know if my laptop, using the torrent file on ELive WebSite, will take the feed locally ( as they are on the same network) but I’ll try




By using TorrentEditor I removed the dead trackers and added two working trackers:


They all work nicely, so adding them manually to the original torrent file on this website will work. I uploaded the modified torrent file here, named Elive_Linux_Stable_3.0.0_updated.torrent:

Before replacing the existing one on the website (if you want):

  1. Please check it with TorrentEditor, to see it’s just the 3 trackers I mentioned;
  2. It has the same files, because only the trackers have been edited;
  3. If you already have the original torrent in your client, opening the updated copy will issue an error: “Couldn’t add duplicate torrent” - which is expected because every bit of the original torrent is there, except for the edited trackers.

Those 3 steps will confirm the updated torrent is good and it can replace the original one, so people can download the files.

P.S. SumoTracker is functional again.


Thought id drop by. Ive been seeding the torrent for the past week and have seeded as of today 125GB so I thought everyone could connect to me but i guess it needed some extra trackers to find some more people. I looked through the thread and added Linuxtracker and opentrackr to the torrent so it reset my total upload but ill be seeding hopefully for quite some time(as long as i can). As soon as I added linux tracker it found more peers so thats good. The torrent is loaded on my seedbox so its running 24/7 at the moment. If you guys add or change the torrent ill change it in my seedbox.
Cheerio for now

Current trackers im using:


Thanks @kneekoo and @Iostream, I added your trackers and also some other lists

Seems like the new updated torrent is working correctly, if you want to try it / use the new (updated) one:

If you download it fully from the new torrent, please verify the MD5’s of the isos to confirm that they are correct :slight_smile:


When I click the link i get a 404 page not available screen.


Thanks for reporting it… stupid permissions, chmod a+r solved it :slight_smile: , you can try again now


No problem, ive got it loaded now. I am now seeding :+1:


I installed (now seeding) the new one, but I went to fast and deleted the one I had for a while.
It will probably die and people will use the new one ?

Or I am misunderstanding and : it’s only a “tracker thing” and it doesn’t change anything as the files ISO and img) and md5 are the same, it’s only the trackers that are different… ?

Torrent 101.


Based on the files contained in the torrent, a hash value is generated. Updating the trackers inside the torrent file doesn’t change the hash, which means the new torrent file, having the same files, is just as good as the previous one - with the exception that the new trackers can help the users, as long as the trackers work.

So the change doesn’t affect the people seeding the previous torrent file because the file sharing is based on the hash and the trackers have no idea what torrent file the users put in their torrent client.


maybe it’s me, but where can i find the download link in elive’s website?


you’re right @stoppy98 @Thanatermesis probably remove it to “stimulate” donations
People can still get in in 24 hours for free or pay to get the link on the spot


oh :confused:

i’m seeding at 27 MB/s


I can seed at about the same speed too. 200 MB/s Download/ 30MB/s link
Though I understand why he’s doing it… No donation, no upgrade for Elive



The isos are updated to 3.0.2, so the torrent will point to old isos, since we are not in release “boom” anymore I have removed it from the download page and only using the direct links for now