Transgrading Ubuntu 18.04 to Elive 3.8.24

Yesterday I transgraded (I know, I know it's a strange term :wink: ) my wife's aging Thinkpad X200T work laptop from Ubuntu to Elive.
This wasn't because I so badly wanted to but because Ubuntu was having serious speed issues compared to my Elive machines. So I happily complied to the request. :magick:

Transgrading itself was a pain-free experience with all the right questions asked and all the needed warnings.
Once installed I went about to change the looks a bit to be a bit more compliant to the Unity desktop she'd been using for the last few years so as not to have too much of a shock.

Here's the result:

The background is a pic from our trip to the Faroe Islands a few years ago

Like I said, the transgrade itself was pain-free but there were some minor issues:

  • Ubuntu uses Firefox whereas Elive uses Firefox-esr, meaning that it wouldn't simply startup as before but created a new profile. The simplest solution was to import all the settings from the previous instance and use "chromium" instead.
  • Rofi as an application starter will not run because it cannot find "" which isn't an issue on any of my other Elive instalments, so I suspect there's an unclear Ubuntu heritage there. :thinking:
    So I added "kupfer" up top in place of it. Not as nice but usable for now. :face_with_head_bandage:
  • Thunderbird threw an issue because there was still an old unused ~/.icedove/ directory around so I had to rename (and later remove) that one. Which actually makes me wonder how many times I've already trans/cross/up-graded said laptop.
  • Due to my dislike of "cairo-dock" I installed "plank" and thus also needed to install a battery-monitor .... for which I used "fdpowermon", as shows in the systray bottom-right.

All in all, not bad but does still feel a bit unreliable (just a feeling, no proof) compared to a straight Elive install.
A nice new lease of life for that excellent piece of hardware, even the wacom pen and screen worked OOTB. :w00t:

I moved the pager from bottom left, where it got blocked by "plank" sometimes, to the top right ..... where I think the Elive pager should be in all cases ..... as a trademark.