Transmission freeze my laptop

I used Elive 3.06 for 32 bit and i have a problem on my old Toshiba Satellite A 100-528. When I open Transmission, my laptop freeze. I have selected in Transmission for the downloaded files to be saved on an NTFS partition. I do not know if it is important and it is appearance but I mention that I use a TP-LINK USB wireless adapter for internet connection. Any ideea? Thanks!

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Hello and welcome to the forums @Geo86 :slight_smile:

Yes NTFS is extremely unstable, don't use it, try to use a linux partition instead and you should not have issues

It happened to me when switching from wireless to lan connections. I don't think it's a partition type issue (maybe?). what about trying a different trasmission gui (like qt instead of gtk)? Maybe that would help idk... i never tried tbh! It's rare to switch from wifi to ethernet on the fly so i did not give so much importance to the tissue...