Trolls and other sexually-repressed beings


Trolls are well common beings that existed since long time in the human history.

Their purpose is to suck the most value thing in human life’s: their time.

They mostly uses psychological strategies to confront humans, and they get’s excited when this provokes endless debates.

If you see any of them, you must kill them with fire to destroy their genes.

Answering them is known as feeding the troll, but you can try things like:

  • you must try windows or ubuntu, since elive doesn’t satisfy your needs
  • sounds like you can do it much better, please notify me when you have it
  • don’t complain, suggest

Their psychological attacks are mostly based in reversing (invert) the sense of something, like:

  • if windows is a very insecure system, he will convince you that is the most secure ever
  • if you love a person, he will talk you about things that you will end up hating that person

Unfortunately, ignoring that should be the best strategy is not enough, because their damages act like a virus spreaded to others, they have the ability to destroy entirely an organization, relationships, or even linux distros, so the best practice to do with them has always been to simply ban them (and burn in fire).

More details about Trolls and their scientifically-studied behaviour: Internet troll - Wikipedia

mentions: @jfbourdeau, @yoda, @stoppy98

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Ahahahah you did definitely hate that review. The best way to kill a youtuber May be making a better you tube channel about the same topic eheh
I still think that keeping and eye open on what such people do or say wouldn’t be so bad, since there is plenty of people like that, always complaining about anything. Among these complains there’s always something that may be an actual problem (excluding the most evident one: outdated software, but you’re obviously already working on it)


hahah i do ? :speak_no_evil:

ok yes, is the worst review i have ever seen in my life and the worst i have seen for 14 years of elive lol

the only purpose in the entire universe is love and creating, and this review is pure destruction lol


yeah probably, but i have not the time and i have much better things to do lol

Absolutely! I always did! but the comments of that guy are just nonsense trolling complain, i have not seen anything that is really worth to improve and not a trivial thing, everything of course lacking a suggestion or improvement, the worst part is that it makes us lose time with nonsense things & debates

But yeah, of course the opinions of the users are very valuable

heh @jfbourdeau just imagine how it could have been if this were not clearly said in the announcement release lol - maybe someone would have send me a men in black to kill me lol




I am sure your had fun composing this LOL


reading a different thread an idea just come to my mind, about what we should do with the people that complains, something very simple:

"don’t complain, suggest"

everytime we see a destructive comment about somebody complaining about everything on the world, we can just say "instead of complain, suggest how to improve it"

simple, clear, positive-direction-oriented, etc