Troubles installing elive

Idk if this error was caused by a misunderstanding of what intelligent upgrade mode is, however while upgrading to elive 3.0 I decided to try to use the intelligent mode.
It ended up with a pretty much badly usable system.
First of all, my user was gone. For some reasons my home dir was still there, but my user wasn’t listed anymore:

More over for some reasons, rslsync user (which is created by resislio sync when installing it Resilio Sync Home - the fast and secure way to get all your files on all your devices) was set as default user with automatic login, and it had access to su powers :confused:
the funniest thing is that despite the resilio sync user was the new default one, resilio sync’s binary was gone, it disappeared lol
how may such a mess happen? was because i shouldn’t have used the intelligent upgrade mode?
Final note:
I know the actual user name was sefano and not stefano, i missed type it when i installed elive for the first time. I renamed it later using usermod, but didn’t change the user’s home directory’s name.

Despite being a bit annoying it was easy to fix.

Ok seems like your installation process went wrong by some reason, this can be also the cause of your problem with the shutdown functions in the other thread at About the Bugs category , check the groups of the user

First question: did you have used the “report issues” feature during the installation process? (second / migration install), so that i can check it

So basically: you first did a normal install of Elive, then upgraded it with the version 3.0 where the migration mode seemed to not work correctly, right?

In short, technically speaking: the installer does some steps like: re-import to these /etc files all the old-system users (but it was not added to your passwd file by some reason), or checking which is the first user you installed and set to it the admin provileges, but it was set to relislio instead by some reason, maybe because of its UID, idk but this should be debugged / replicated in order to fix it

This is strange, I found your installation logs and it looks like it should have been correctly imported:

D: [ /usr/sbin/eliveinstaller > /usr/share/eliveinstaller/ +4376 user_old_adapt] Importing user: stefano
D: [ /usr/sbin/eliveinstaller > /usr/share/eliveinstaller/ +4405 user_old_adapt] line added for file /etc/passwd: stefano:x:1000:1000:Elive User:/home/stefano:/bin/zsh
D: [ /usr/sbin/eliveinstaller > /usr/share/eliveinstaller/ +4405 user_old_adapt] line added for file /etc/group: stefano:x:1000:
D: [ /usr/sbin/eliveinstaller > /usr/share/eliveinstaller/ +4405 user_old_adapt] line added for file /etc/shadow: stefano:$6$kLitLMb3$ZzmvkTYr8O8imrAtBZVd4h4K0wNgc9VMUKxqNnoyRebYFLbDGVDJxgdqdabh2oEvR8xFzWZFYZu7EBCflZADx.:17779:0:99999:7:::
D: [ /usr/sbin/eliveinstaller > /usr/share/eliveinstaller/ +4405 user_old_adapt] line added for file /etc/gshadow: stefano:!::
D: [ /usr/sbin/eliveinstaller > /usr/share/eliveinstaller/ +4452 user_old_adapt] old groups to import: adm admin audio bluetooth camera cdrom debian-to dialout dip disk floppy fuse games lp lpadmin messagedbus netdev plugdev postgres powerdev sambashare saned scanner sudo thinkpad vboxsf vboxusers video voice (29)

Did you changed the /etc directory or something similar? mmmh… this is confusing

you mean the thing asking for my email as identifier? yes i did


Maybe because at the time of installtion i first created my user, then installed resilio, and afterwards realized that i miss spelled my username so changed it using usermod. it’d make sense now that i know about this thing

I just rebooted. i have no idea. really. i will try to replicate this migrating another elive installtion to 3.0

hum, that makes sense, there should have been some unexpected thing by having it changed this way then, ok ill note this detail for future fixes / betatests in the installer

don’t worry, with that usermod info should be enough for me to know where is teh problem, this could have caused the problem, can you tell me the usermod command that you used exactly?

usermod -l new-name old-name
didn’t change the uid nor the homefolder name

Perfect, I noted all this and wil do future tests

In the meantime, since your install seems to be broken (your user more exactly), I recommend you to reinstall Elive without migration mode, or, maybe you can -just- create a new user (see applications menu) and move the files (with their correct UID / permissions of course) to the new one

Also update manually these results for the migration mode work correctly in the future:

~ ❯❯❯ grep user /etc/elive-version

I checked again in a virtual machine. That’s definitely the error. I think you got the solution! In fact I also found the reason why I cannot shut down the computer anymore: simply my user it’s not considered an admin, just needed to give it an higher permissions level. That’s all. I’m sorry for making you all worried about such a little thing!

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Not only, there’s also the default user set to bash instead of zsh, and elive-skel files could be damaged too…that’s why i suggest to create a new user from the elive tools

Well, it is good to know that 3.0 works perfectly :slight_smile: , its an important release, and also usermod should not broke the system, tit should be the most compatible possible

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