Unable to boot 3.0.6 from Asus x540sc - Intel card

Please help! I am installing Elive 3.0.6 on my Asus x540sc.

Hi @Nick and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Ok so this is about the Stable version, unfortunately that version is a bit old and there's some hardware not supported, I assume that is exactly your case, specially because in the screenshot it shows like is an Intel card which should always work pretty good (unless is a too much recent card and so not supported by the drivers)

Unfortunately I don't think you can make it working on -this- computer (it can work in other older ones)

What you can do is to use the Beta version instead, which doesn't has -yet- a so well polished desktop but in any case it is really well worked and integrated, making it very pleasant and stable to work from it :slight_smile:

Did you tried the Beta version yet?

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note2: I also renamed the title of the thread to include better info and so other people that -could- have the same computer will find the thread easly on the forum or google :happy_dance:

@triantares we'll continue from here :slight_smile:

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Thanks! How can I try the beta version? What could I do for this?

If you want the 32bit version of it you can directly download it from the website (the 64bit one requires a donation or to write an article), but looking at the model of your laptop I assume that is better the 64bit version for running on it. So I have sent you a message with the downloads for the 64bit too :slight_smile: