Unable to boot Elive from the USB

If you are unable to boot your system from the USB, there's how to do it:

Note: this is more like a howto than an issue, but is put here in order to help users that may encounter this problem

  1. First and very important point: you should only use the tools described on the download page to record your USB.

This is needed because every different tool records them in different ways, and it needs to be recorded with its correct structure in order to make it booting, and also in the correct way (like using the provided boot parameters)

In short, the USB images contains the image correctly structured, and it needs to be recorded in the same way as they are created, without modifying it for recording. Tools like Rufus or Unetbootin does modify them.

By other side, the 3.0 stable version was not created with this USB structure so if you want to boot it, you need then to use those tools that modify's them to make it working from USB (that's not the case of the beta versions). So again, check into the download page of Elive for that specific version of Elive and use only the tools suggested to use.

More info:

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I've written a 'How-To install Linux via USB' a few weeks ago.
See: globalhack-laptop-installer/docs/manual at master · LupusE/globalhack-laptop-installer · GitHub

I've thought about porting this to Elive even while writing. But at the moment my time is too limited to handle more than one documentation.
Maybe we all toghether could use this text as base and change it a bit for Elive. Since it is completely my work, we have the permission to do so without any limitations :slight_smile:

Next I want to rewrite it in LaTeX, to get it more easy editable via git... but, as mentioned above, time.

Why not do the .odt/pdf in .md format, using i.e "ghostwriter"or "atom" ?
Using "pandoc" or "print to file" you can also create pdf files out of those.

Excepting maybe losing the lay-out in regard to the pictures in the text (which frankly isn't that absolute IMO) it would make porting to Elive (or HTML in general) and putting it up here, dead easy.

hum, I read the pdf and looks extreeeeemely basic :thinking:

maybe some users need it, but it basically tells how to boot the live mode (with all the details needed) and (maybe) how to click on the installer, in any case looks nice and friendly but for very novice users :thinking: I think this must be shipped with a media of elive "insert the media in your computer, boot and press X... bla bla" :slight_smile:

Is that a bad thing?