URGENT switch to donation-based downloads


After the release of Elive 3.0 and having reached more than 4000 downloads, I just found this in my email inbox:

After to check the hosting accounts I have found:


Seems like it exceeded my 15$ limit alert with a 50$ owe, and I think that the owe is much bigger since it’s counted daily, tomorrow I will see

By other side, the obtained donations has been only 25$ for these more than 4000 downloads, so I’m forced to switch to donation-based downloads in order to pay the hosting debt

I will of course still giving free downloads, probably with the option of the 24h delay for those who don’t donate which doesn’t restricts anyone to download Elive, but actually to simply give the direct downloads and not obtaining any donation for covering costs is not an option.


Aren’t there other ways?
And I’m not really sure, the problem was paying the website host or the realease files host from which we download?
Wouldn’t be possible switching to a different host like tux family or SourceForge? Or are they still giving too strict limits?


isn’t enough to make a torrent file? eg. endless OS uses such a solution with webseed on amazon EC2 and no any problem with bandwidth

i do torrent with webseed exists on distrowatch:
(available by LinuxTracker)
I hope you do not take offense :wink:

for example:
webseed in sourceforge and over 100 seeds.


It’d be a good idea I think.


I have to say I’m disappointed this never got more traction and funding. I donated many years ago, and will try to do so again. I really liked Elive when I used it years ago. I still have my old install discs too.


I am also surprised / disapointed of how few donations Elive is getting.

I know that some project like Linux Mint are getting / month (10 k)

At first, I was tempted to make some math, comparing Mint customers base number to an approximate number of Elive users and try to figure out how much this project should get, but this is not the way to go…

Even if Elive’s user base is a lot smaller, if they users are passionate, may be we could reach 1000, 2000, 3000$ / month rapidly.

I tried several distros in the last 2 years and Elive impressed me, Samuel dedication and passion to…

IF people like ELive and want newer kernel, drivers, better compatibilities with new hardware they need to do better…

One less meal at the restaurant this week or this month to support this beautiful project.

Would it be too much to create a web page on the site, humuristic showing what it could take to help Elive go to the next step ? Some graph showing jokes like

200 people taking 20 coffee / month instead of 30 ? it’s 2000$ / month
50 people going to see 2 movies / month instead of 4? It’s 1000$ / month
etc etc

Some jokes on that page like
Save Elive and become healthier ( dropping a few fast food meals / month, or alcool, or coffee )



That’s a pretty good idea. I wonder what kind of media I could come up with. I’m going to think on this while I’m installing Elive again. It’s been a while, so I’ll have lots of time to ponder. :smirk::grin:


Happy to help you host files for download. Msg/email with files sizes and expected download volumes.


I remember my surprise when I have seen the unexpected over bill, it was just like “omg, I cannot simply afford it, how I can pay this overcharge?”, then I immediately created the new download pages with donation / delayed downloads (on which we lose 4x times of new users by using them) and I was thinking on this since yesterday.

I have writed a specific topic about the donations and the future of Elive here: The paradoxical unknown future of Elive


please check the other topic that I just wrote: The paradoxical unknown future of Elive

will be happy to hear new ideas, but believe me that I have tried every idea during 14 years :slight_smile:

over bill of almost 4 terabytes used of bandwidth (probably more, will see that this night)

strict limits, i remember when sourceforge rejected the elive project 14 years ago lol, but in any case “manual things” (like uploads) are not an option, all the tools for elive are automated

@jfbourdeau is working on making a torrent :slight_smile:
probably would be good to include them linuxtracker, can somebody do it? I don’t know how webseeds work exactly and how can benefit us
Give me a few minutes that I include the created torrent by @jfbourdeau in the website

Thank you :slight_smile: there stills an alive torrent with all the old Elive isos :applause: some day i would need to write the special features that had each version :eyepopping:

Random is random (like how much donations per day), but when we talk in big numbers the random turns to be a very precise math, on this way you can do something very simple:

  • if the rank in distrowatch for Mint is 2500 hits per day, and has 10k / month donations, and Elive has 85 hits per day, do the math and you know the donations that Elive has per month (Elive is in position 112 actually, sadly out of the top-100, it was at position 26 in the year 2006)

All depends of the numbers (users), if Elive had 10x times more of its user-base, the funding will be 10x times bigger, i mean, with the same Elive system, as its good or as its bad

It is not possible on the actual way, and like i have said in the other thread, the only reason that I continued making Elive is because I have seen in the past too many people that wanted to donate instead of losing Elive

“Stop drinking coffe makes Elive better” can be a good slogan for this :laugh:

i like it :slight_smile:

Thank you, there’s a howto in the dev site for being a mirror, but I stopped to use mirrors some months ago because of some problems that causes using them, I will try to explain this in a different thread


webseed it’s just a simple link to an HTTP file located on your server, acts as the super seed/initial seed from which it is taken in case no one is seeding.


I see, that sounds very good!


currently seeding with a 100mbit kimsurfi box at full speed so i have helped out also @Thanatermesis look at getting like a kimsurfi box or a ovh vps , soyoustart box since they all have unmetered bw also i was thinking what about putting it as a zip file on google drive?


OVH is unmetered ??


I’m willing to donate a little of my bandwidth for torrents as I have unlimited data…

However, I downloaded the torrent file ~40 minutes ago and still no peers…

EDIT: Error message in my torrent client - rtorrent - reckons “Tracker: [Couldn’t resolve host name]”


I just opened mine ( torrent) using Elive " Transmission app" and within seconds I had 8 peers.Weird


Yeah that can be a very good option for mirroring the isos

So… is the torrent working correctly?


I have 17 connected peers so yea


Yes ovh is umetered and there sub brands are too which are soyoustart and kimsurfi


Just got up now and checked my torrent - it downloaded overnight so all good.

I’m seeding just fine with 2.2G uploaded.

Now just need to install and see if it works on a Dell m6700.