URGENT switch to donation-based downloads


I seeded the torrent ~3GB so far (just a few hours), so I helped a bit as well. SourceForge is surely an option for downloads, considering their service is free for open source software and they push the files on many mirrors.

By the way, why would anyone have to wait for 24 hours to download the ISO if it costs at DigitalOcean anyway?


Tks for your help ! Much appreciated… IF you happen to come to Montreal one day, I’ll pay the beer


Well, we plan visiting Ottawa next year, and as I’d like to see Montreal, maybe we’ll take a tour of the city and find some time to chat if you’ll happen to be around. :smiley: Thanks for the invite!

Sure, I’m glad to help seeding - 10GB right now. :slight_smile: I’ll keep the torrent up until I see it settles down, as I have no traffic restrictions and my bandwidth is good enough to keep this alive without interfering with my regular activities.


  • if you put direct public downloads + a donation button = nobody donates
  • if you put a difficulty to costfree download (delalyed 24 hours) with the option to download directly, there’s a small % of users that will donate

in other words, to cover server costs (and support the project) only works with the second option


Why don’t you just use Sourceforge? You can upload both source code and release packages, and they’ll be mirrored automatically. Or Github, or anything else.


apart of the fact that they rejected the Elive project when it started (and i didn’t tried again, needing to create an own website and downloads and all instead of just using sourceforge when Elive started), could be maybe good but ONLY for a stable release like this one, so all the tools in elive are automated that reduces the human-need work impact entirely (and invest it in more important things), to manually upload versions everytime is just not possible (also due to other technical reasons), actually there’s a torrent which is also much better technology in every sense so should be enough