Using an XP-pen 22 pro on Elive x64

Having bought a snazzy XP-Pen 22 Pro through Amazon, I discovered that the pen didn't work on Elive 3.7.x

Searching around i found the solution to be relatively simple. And hey .... it works. :applause:

Two downloads are needed:

  1. a .deb package to install with "sudo dpkg -i digimend-dkms_9_all.deb" -- it can be found here:
  2. Download the drivers for Linux here:
    and unzip and extract the tar.gz file it contains.
    From that directory run "sudo zsh " --- you specifically need zsh there as the expected "bash" has some problems.
    Or use "elive run file helper". :wink:

The opened window has to stay open to be able to use the pen as it runs from /tmp (for now)

Have fun!


it is a very new model? on such case we would need an updated kernel in the future that will include the drivers

or, a request to include the support to debian will be needed: Debian -- Package Search Results -- digimend

It is a fairly new model but apparently the firm is very tight lipped about the firmware. So I doubt it'll get added to the kernel very soon.
The digimend project is doing some good work in that respect: