Using kvm/xen capabilities for 64 bit install

I was looking at how the Qubes OS distro uses the kernel to run VM’s. Couldn’ t that be an option to prepare for a 64 bit arch? Considering that most recent 64bit CPU’s have that possibility and we would be aiming for that.

Meaning I was thinking along the lines of having a 64bit base (Debian testing) system with the needed drivers and running the existing Elive3 or at least the GUI/desktop as a VM using xen. Or even multiple instances of Elive.
This way one could offer a stable 64bit Elive3 for the masses and slowly start moving/compiling stuff to that 64bit base system until it’ s fully compatible.

Just a thought I haven’t fully explored and maybe someone has already tried something of the likes and could save me some time with pointers.

To be clear I’m talking " type 1" hypervisor here, not virtualbox or vmware.