Wayfire is compiz for wayland (with links)

Yes please, Bullseye appears to be a wise step for Elive beta.

Ive donated 5 or 6 times to support Elive Beta. And i will continue to pay each Beta release.


Any development since last 9 month ? With Wayland, Could wayfire be used as a compositor for Enlightenment with ecomorph with correct API calls ??? Am I dreaming ?
The actual state of wayland with enlightenment is rather unstable. We will have to move to wayland eventually. Is this the good path ? :thinking:


I would like to know if anyone is going to try out wayfire on the Elive Bullseye release coming out soon?

it would be good to see how many people can do this

I like a lot wayfire. But I haven't even think to install it on elive ....
It's interesting but Wayfire is complex to install. I would like to try it for sure!

I think the easier way to install wayfire is by the github site and compile everything.

Any easier way on Elive/Debian ?