We now make Elive as successful as other Linux distributions


today I have to talk about someting serious and important here. Read twice!
We now make Elive as successful as other Linux distributions

In our own enthusiasm about our Elive we should not neglect the aspect of public relations.
For ourselves, we do not need to explain why Elive is so cool, we already know that.
Now this has to be spread -
For Elive to have a future it needs more users and donors.

How do we achieve this?
First of all through public relations.
But you need a clear concept that you stick to, the so-called corporate identity,
which originates from the corporate design.
So far, Elive has only something like that - now it has to go on.
A well-defined corporate identity is the prerequisite for public relations.
Without it you will not be taken seriously, like Elive had to experience so far.
That's a fact, it does not need to be discussed anymore.

Corporate Design and Corporate Identity in an open source project?
Although Elive Linux is a non-commercial, cost-free open source project,
Again, it is not without clear structures, distribution of tasks and organization in general.
A profit intention in the economic sense is not intended, nevertheless, here too, it is not without consideration of the economic aspects that costs must be covered, which are financed by donations.
Elive also requires a structure as in an economically managed company:
The internal Corporate Design.
These include considerations such as:

  • Organization (identification and definition of competences, task allocation)
  • core competencies
  • technology Orientation
  • Positioning in the industry environment
  • aims
  • strategy
  • Marketing → Corporate Identity

Responsible is:
@Thanatermesis, Elive.

The other part of the corporate design is the external image of Elive
with an always identical and clear representation of Elive.
For this one creates among other things the Corporate Identity.
Among other things, it defines the (always the same!) Appearance with keywords and core sentences.

Fine, now that everybody has realized that -
let's start with the inner Corporate Design.
Responsible is:

  • A clear concept of the planned releases, with optional schedule,
  • with descriptions / representation of the differences between the releases
  • (e16 - e17 - e22 DEs) - what Debian base in which Elive version.

Continue with the Corporate Identity.
Responsible is:
Please give suggestions -
in keywords, no bible verses, please - to the following considerations:

  • why is Elive better than others
  • for which purpose Elive is optimized
  • where do we want to go
  • what is our target audience
  • how do we reach our target audience?
  • where do we reach our target audience?
  • how do we make Elive interesting for others?
  • how did you come to Elive?

Once the answers have been received in sufficient numbers,
will it come in the short term to decision-making for the CI(Corporate Identity)
by the decision-makers.
These will @Thanatermesis in his corporate design now determines.

We look forward to your numerous contributions!
Have lots of fun with it,

it's nice to be a small part of a big whole!


related: Elive versioning numbers assigned to releases

this info is always provided (or it should) in the downloads pages, in order to know what the user is downloading / what includes (again, it should, tell me if there's missing info)

"for/because all" ? :slight_smile:

there's not except a few articles on internet or distrowatch, but can be improved as:

online publicity: "top 10 X distro...", distrowatch, wikipedia related pages (this is a good goal that can be improved with tons of references and info), youtube videos, social medias

offline publicity: friends, family, "computer shops", schools, enterprises, flyers...

viral publicity: use strategies so that the users will make it publicity, or make the worst meme ever

by making them know about:

  1. its existence
  2. its features

I love Elive and definitely want to see it succeed. But I think while PR is definitely part of the problem there are others. I would like to try and get @Rebel450 and @Thanatermesis on a video/ audio call because trying to determine a projects future this way is great to have input from the community and their take but people who really want to see this project succeed need to have this talk and honestly it seems mostly like @Rebel450 and of course @Thanatermesis are those I am on EST time.

Well, for me is better to simply use the forum, is more handy and doesn't require specific times to use it :slight_smile:

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..... and timeeating because
may be Type ......

I do it in the times where im waiting for other processes to finish

video / meetings required strict / planned schedules, and i dont have these things (sleeping at 6 am, eating only in free times, etc)

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@Thanatermesis and Team,

Now it has become time to follow up with our topic of the thread-starter:

So now after we have received your numerous contributions, hundred and hundreds,
here is the result, that we have created from all of them.
Alas I made a mistake while creating this topic,
so that the progress was not to see for all forum members here.
But finally all went well,
so that we can show at least the more defined strategy which may still will be discussed.
@Thanatermesis still pending approval provided – but it looks like this now:

The so far so-called internal Corporate Design:

* Organization (identification and definition of competences, task allocation)

Project Lead


Development | Maintenance

@Thanatermesis and his Team

Public Relations (new department)

@Rebel450 and his Team:



(if YOU are interested and think you can help, just message a Moderator, support is always welcome)

Head of Moderators


Linguistic counselor for outward communication – English


Linguistic counselor for outward communication – French


Linguistic counselor for outward communication – Spanish


Linguistic counselor for outward communication – German


Alpha / Beta – Testing

Elive Members which received invitations or apply for it

GM – Testing

Elive Members which received invitations

The so far so-called external Corporate Design:

Here we explain ourselves to the world and especially to the media

* Core Competencies

Following the unix idea KISS

Following the Open Source idea

Making the (digital) world a better place

Privacy opportunities preinstalled

High Performance Operating System for low equipped and older 32bit Computers

High Performance Operating System for modern and older 64bit Computers

* Technology Orientation

Debian based Linux Distribution with additional own repositories

and optimized features under the hood

Enlightenment Desktop Environment

* Positioning in the industry branch environment

Linux Distribution with the characteristics of a rolling release

32bit full functional Live Mode on flash media on the go

64bit full functional Live Mode on flash media on the go

32bit full functional Live Mode Installer: Install to Disk and/or persistent

64bit full functional Live Mode Installer: Install to Disk and/or persistent

* Aims

Supporting the 32bit Platform even when others give up on it

Fully new designed 64bit release always on latest Debian base

* Strategy (following Marketing yet):

* MarketingCorporate Identity Public appearance, publications

to be discussed in the Forum, like:

Press announcements, multilingual

Wiki editing, multilingual

DistroWatch updates, regulary and multilingual

HowTo’s seen as search results by Google among others in our Forum

Attracting Elive for potential Sponsors like NordVPN, PIA and similar


Elive is made for…

everyone – no-one

Those which loves beauty and lightning speed must not miss Elive,

but be careful – you may become addicted easily...


You have described all main tasks so good, I agree completely. I only have to add that even if Dutch citizens are usually bilingual in English we can have also skills in Dutch language inside the team.
What are we waiting to start?

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Then we have just to wait for someone who wants to do it :coffee:

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Waiting for @Thanatermesis agreement,
then I could create the tasks for beginning with public relations.
May be @maxinou could sort out how to write a wiki in espanol :wink:
e.g. like

Could you get instructions from @Thanatermesis,
what he wants to get updated (if so)

Then another idea -am scared to ask - but does anyone here holds a facebook account ?
Surprisingly it brings lots of feedback ( SORRY!!! but it's true...))
No no no don't beat me so badly...


"Elive, or Enlightenment live CD, is a Debian-based desktop Linux distribution and live CD featuring the Enlightenment window manager. Besides being pre-configured and ready for daily desktop use, it also includes "Elpanel" - a control centre for easy system and desktop administration. " really ......

Is my next target...

I left facebook 2 years ago... I still have an account just to Group Chat with my wife and kids.
I had fun with FB, I respect people still using it but as for me, it's a thing of the past :wink:
I was one of their 1st customer LOL

for family communication it might be fine

Yes, no problem, I'll take a look first into the English Wikipedia version to keep the same structure as possible. BTW, the informations in English page about Elive origins and history are right?

As I wrote before we should have always an official master document in English to follow and translate in other languages for all documents we'll make in the frame of public relations (PR from now)

I'll work on it offline in a text document file, based in actually English version

to put it online when official master line will be validated (and when I recovery my user/password from WP and refresh how to modify articles there, because I didn't contribute there since 10 years ago) :smile:

Even if I've got not much time at the moment (big projects in my company), I am really enjoy this thread and the outcome, so far.


all those sounds very good

I have been recently interested in a kind of slogan too, if im not wrong after to read a comment by @maxinou, something like saying "Elive, the only distro you'll stay"

ok, the biggest "difficulty" that I see is how to organize all the work, what i mean is the tool to use, for example I used Asana for long time and I really like it (it is limited to 30 users for the free version, so this can be good for a team of "primary collaborators"), there's of course other tools (to assign tasks, keep a control, etc...)

I'm a lover (maniac) of the automation, so i don't like tools which makes you "lose your time", I love efficiency and automation, life is short!, what i mean is that is not easy to find optimal ways to organize things, which doesn't makes you lose time (and so, the interest)

Trello is good, but maybe not enough (a bit limited?, annoying small interface for elements?). Asana I think that can work better

Now, what is needed:

  • a good tool to organize / asign / keep-track of tasks
  • we are (and must be) professionals and all we want excelent results, we need a good way to debate (able to explain) every thing needed in order to not confuse things or doing them in a different-expected way
  • we need to distribute accesses needed for each thing (i assume this comes eventually from every need / step), but maybe we need to debate what are the requirements first
  • we need to priorize, there's a ton of ideas but we need to start from the most important one/ones (the ones that will give the bigger results), which:

Most important goals:

  • Good system: We have a very good, polished, well presentable and incredible system that can be used for "demo" which is 3.0, the bad thing is that is old but we have also alpha versions (not so polished) with much updated software & drivers - DONE
  • We need to present / show it (website, videos, etc): Nobody knows about the tons of features - new website has been made but better contents are needed
  • We need a newer (4.0) version, but:
    • its useless to make it before to show first all the elive features, otherwise will happen the same as 3.0: minor impact
    • not much time should pass since the "2" and "3" goals, otherwise the next stable will be old (or, eventually just work in porting all the code to a newer debian base, which should be not -so- big work compared to other development)

this is my idea of the actual steps needed, summarized in 3 (where the first is done)

by other side, there's a ton of other things that can be done in the same time, like:

  • untarzanice all the english from eltrans, clearer, shorter and correct messages (they must follow a specific procedure, but i will tell that in another moment)
  • wikipedia page improvement
    • wikipedia relattions to other pages (references)
    • wikipedia translations
  • magazines contact, talk, tell about features, etc...
  • social media strategies (specially not the manual ones)
  • brainstorm strategies / growth hacking
  • SEO study

How to start:

Maybe we should have first a platform where are listed the needs and we can pick / do them ? that sounds like an easy-to-do plan :thinking:, suggestions?

if im not wrong, Asana features "dependencies", this is very important in a task-manager from my experience because for example, like the previous "quote", seems like is needed to have first a well-defined website with a list of features and descriptions, before to write / improve the wikipedia pages (which will simply use these details), specially in order to have all these important contents from a "root place"


Count me in. I'll help wherever I can.


The holiday was obviously good for you :hugs:

Very well pointed out, thank you.
Will sit down on it this weekend and also check out Asana (dunno yet)

@triantares and me had several discussions during the last days and surprisingly those became very constructive and with a good direction.
More to come.

@maxinou agreed to put his motivation in our PR project which still needs to get defined more detailed.

All in all
it seems that Elive and we are on the right track now.

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