Website of Elive, updates and changes

As in, you wait about five minutes to not have to donate.

Sure, unfortunately I have slow wifi...i'll just have to try the one i downloaded first, trouble is the battery died and i cant find the cable lol

do we are talkiing about hte same thing? :thinking:

what happens on your side while those 5 minutes waiting? the idea is: "insert your installer code and your email, click submit, directly download == less than 10 seconds all"

It just shows me a banner animation about how elive needs these donations, how optional donations are not enough, and how you (@Thanatermesis) made it harder to not donate than to donate.

Like, how you getthe installer modules by donation or by waiting?

:rofl2: :rofl2: The most hilarious thing i have read all day


hum this is very interesting! (and strange), that is not the page that it should be displayed :thinking:

I just checked and for me, the page you said about the slider animation / explanation is this one:

and the page that gives the installer-modules (now cost-free for all the old versions) is this one:

(and it is strange that in the forum, only the first one renders a preview but not the second one)

@TheTechRobo can you confirm that the second link is the same as the first one for you?

What you should see is this:

and, after to introduce a valid installer-code like 63377bd65, it will download the installer-module directly)

what shows for you, @IamElive? :thinking:

I see this and the 3 pompom girls at the bottom.

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ohhhhh i thought that you were talking about the installer module for the beta versions. oops :roll_eyes:

mmh, in fact any version that actually needs installer-modules are cost-free now (technically, any version that is not the -actual- one, and since we are not using them in the new versions for now, all of them)

So I assume there was no any issues for @IamElive & @TheTechRobo and the page works correctly on -what- is expected to show ? :thinking:

It works as expected from my side

Yep! All works well.

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I have moved this old website to use httpS (ssl / secure) instead of the old plain http, it should work without problems :), secured, standard, improved, faster

It took me almost the entire day but I finally moved the entire server to a Buster base (was Stretch before), this means mariadb / php / nginx and all the server updated too. The wordpress site has also been updated and with all the plugins too

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The homepage has been changed (just a bit), with:

  • updated download links including the beta version
  • top banner removed
    • replaced by a bold message meant to give impact and focused to our type of users
  • Small Survey suggestion added

Updated FAQ page (in elive website) about Is Elive a Commercial Distro? - Elive Linux

It has better wordings but also the way which has been explained was not totally correct, so this update should be much better :slight_smile:

Just want to express my respect for all the immense hard work you do. Running now Elive as my main OS just wanna say that Elive is soooo ADDICTIVE (to me anyway) and it runs like a smooth buttered knive (metaphorically). Plainly said "Damn, THATS what I call a OS!!!!!"


The page Contact - Elive Linux has been entirely re-made, you can see the old version from:

I think @yoda will like the new photo :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, so merging your resume into the elive website? Smart! (you wont need to be paying for resume hosting)

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After a review from a friend that I met (expert in online marketing bla bla), I have improved a bit the website, with:

  • the menu can lead by default (new users) to a wrong click, in other words, the "download menu" was a drop-down list with all the downloads, but people may simply click in the word itself going to a little confusing page where there was 4 images of the different downloads --> this has been replaced by a single download option in the menus more visual and a well structured / explained page with the download options
  • (as said before), the generic download(s) page has been rewrited to something that should be detailed, descriptive, and intuitive to understand... thats important because new users don't know if they should use the stable or the beta (they are very different): Elive Downloads
  • some links in the website points too to this single download page
  • footer improvements to be more intuitive
  • header (menu) has been removed from the download pages (stable & beta), forcing a bit the people to download instead of going to other pages (that's the goal of the website basically), but the footer stills available with all the links on it

statistics will show if this is an improvement or not in the future, in the meantime, any special feedback about this modification ? :slight_smile:

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Yes yes yes yes yes.

:exploding_head: :ohmygod: :1up: :applause: :happy: :excited: :rainbowyay: :happy_dance: :furrydance: :runningfast: :wow: :typing: :shocked: :eyepopping:

Tell your friend that, he is my new best friend :rofl2: (joking)

Suggestion for old versions site: it's possible to hand pick the ISO you want to download in elive museum on instructions and/or links???

Also...the "no header" seems a bit odd...out of place...I get that you're supposed to stay on the downloads page but there are people like me who go to the downloads page to see the gory details...and THEN i check out the rest of the site. maybe have a header that's closed by default but there's an arrow you click and POOF the header shows

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