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yeah, it just needs to be simple and indicative for the not-experienced ones. Ideal will be people without any experience CAN go from download to install entirely by its own

updated name

Well, make sure that the drivers install correctly and check by yourself if GL is working or not (that message maybe is due to a wrong autodetection), check the xorg logs too like: grep EE /varg/log/Xorg.0.log

If you are unable to make it working, you have two options:

  • enjoy all the ton of Elive 3.0 features
  • downgrade to Elive 2.0 if the drivers works, the system may be a bit lighter / faster too for old computers, but you will lack 8 years of features / customizations / fine-tunes :slight_smile:

In any case can be worth to try it, the system is a bit different too

Yeah but stills featuring composite and transparencies (rendering in software mode) :slight_smile: , something impossible to do in the past

Just for your own tests and beautiful experience with a different desktop (resources usage) in old computers, try this:

  • boot in the live mode
  • run the command “apui e16-theme-darkone pulseaudio”
  • run “startx /usr/bin/e16 – :1 -dpi 96” (will start a new e16 graphical system)
  • middle click to select darkone in the themes, right click for go the config and enable sounds

I have in mind to build a very special and geeky version of Elive featuring e16 with these customizations, could be a nice experience and good option for old computers

Will be happy to see feedbacks of that :slight_smile:

Oops sorry, im starting to off-topic this thread

Testimonials are always welcome :slight_smile: to make it easy you can write them in the forum (there’s a section for them)

Mmmh… Burn can sounds very strange to non-english speakers that comes to the website, even if is a known word for that… but historically I assume that is referenced to the action where the laser really-burns the disk when recording an ISO (something that doesn’t happens for the USB’s), maybe write can be a better replacement for recording?

In the other comments by @jfbourdeau I see the word “bootable usb”, that’s a good point, also create / make, so…

  • Write Elive into an USB ?
  • Write your bootable USB with Elive ?
  • Create a bootable USB with Elive ?
  • Write a bootable USB with Elive ?

I personally preffer “write” than “create” because sounds more like a needed step than an optional one

what a long reply… :eyepopping:


this is my preferred one… even add stick ? USB stick ?

Example : Create a bootable USB stick on Ubuntu | Ubuntu tutorials


I rather prefer stuttering than losing nice features eheheh i’m already used to game at 20 fps :stuck_out_tongue:

I happily noticed it. Transparency out of the box in particular. I remember having to tweak some stuff back when i tried to get trasparency using i3wm on my old thinkcentre (a real, IBM, thinkcentre :smirk: )

Thank you. I will immediately check it out!

sounds good

i honestly think that somebody who wants to install linux in primis, moreover someone who wants to install a linux distro which is not ubuntu (most of people’s knowledge about linux ends there lol) knows what’s the meaning of burning eheh
I’m italian, even if it’s really really really a weird verb to burn in such a context it’s still used in any burning program! For example when i was a child my father used “nero burning rom” so i knew the meaning since then!
But well i get your point, and probably you’re right create would be probably the best possibility in my opinion…
Does eltrans have some function to translate the website too? (i haven’t been able to work with it lately due to university’s exams :/, but i will be bac and finish the italian translation soon!)


Not totally convinced with that sentence, for a novice user it sounds like a “extra & optional tip”, but to write Elive in the usb (or dvd) is absolutely the first and essential step, i think that the sentence should focus on this need

What about this? “Write Elive in your USB stick” (this sentence cannot be formulated with the Create word)

Or maybe with the needed word? “Create a bootable USB stick with Elive - (needed)

Hum… :thinking: first one sounds simpler to read too

I think that my mom uses the “record” word (grabar in spanish) more than “burn” (this translation in spanish is poorly used)

Yeah I remember that too, but it was of course the name in english, if im correct when these burning tools are translated to spanish was something like “grabador de cd’s”

Unfortunately not, and the website is a very painful thing, wordpress is not easy to manage without problems, we should just edit the pages directly from the web, I could create some accounts but as I said, the template has some bugs that breaks the pages when editing (some things are needed to know when doing it) - i dont have a better idea of how we can make the website editable than just editing the pages from its wordpress


“Create(or creating) an Elive USB bootable stick” I think would nbe the right way of saying it ( says the french speaking guy LOL )


OMG This is when I realise I am getting old ! Iwas there when Nero conquered the burning world LOL


Ok updated as:

Create your Elive bootable USB stick

“your” instead of “an”, which sounds more like a needed step

Or better to use this sentence?

Create your bootable USB stick of Elive


I think the right english way to say it is
Create your Elive bootable USB stick


I’ll get to learn some wordpress i guess. I’d liked to learn how to use it anyway sooner or later


Well it’s very simple to use, not hard to code too (php), but in my personal opinion is a very very very bad quality software in every sense (one of the main root reasons is it’s internal language php), unfortunately used too much widely that we don’t have other alternatives


It’s faster, but I’m experiencing random freezes (as like with e17) using a '01 2.44 GHz Pentium 4, 512mb ram, GeForce 2 mx200 32mb
I will add a note to BTS

It’d be nice having a secondary de for older computers!
Adding an application bar at the bottom (maybe without animations would be better!) And something like dmenu (the one in i3wm to easily look for any runnable binary in the system) would make it perfect


Freezes ? you mean segfaults? in e16 if you have a segfault it will probably show the desktop broken (exit session)

that was possible in old versions of elive, try for example the Gem version, from the torrent (see stable download page -> other downloads)


I tried them, and I also added transmission to the startup applications so I can share the torrent!

I don’t think it is a segmentation fault. It’s like a loooong stutter. Everything works fine again within few seconds


Mmmh that’s very strange, but sounds more like a hardware issue and not a problem of the system, please check this (just written) howto: How to check and verify that your computer doesn’t has hardware problems

If you don’t have these problems, we must check what is causing it (i still convinced that is a hardware problem, probably by the hard disk in a “sleep” state)

Try to run “dmesg” when it happens to see if you have any useful info


Updated stable download page in 3-columns mode to include instructions, so that the user won’t miss them (also other misc changes / improvements)


I prefer the new visual / way it is displayed… Good job

  • Added other downloads in the Downloads menu
  • Rewrited the “beta” download page with improved information about the actual elive status and future development, any feedback / suggestion about the provided info and its impact @jfbourdeau ?


I like the download page

but, Most for your DOnation links point to the patreon page and not the main donation page with all payments options…

So in those pages, no easy way to reach the donation pages with all the option, If the click Support menu, then they will find the donation page… But all links everywhere on the site should point there (my opinion)

1- Support this project, with any amount Elive 3.0 Stable - Download patreon only
2- Unfortunately , there’s not enough resources to start the next development phase. Elive - Beta Download p;int to patreon only

In different pages you have a links to donation, but it point to Patreon only… I think that if any links you have related to donation, would point to Elive Donations it would be better… With a clear not that patreon is MONTHLY only. (but may be people using patreon, know patreon is monthly ? Anyway)

As for Stripe and paypal, it is clear, they can choose either monthly or not…


Donation page a bit updated with the info of the “actual funding state” marked in patreon (this is manually added so the information could be old in the future)

With a small description of “what is possible” to do with the actual funding / resources

Promoting the patreon link as first as a sustainable way to support a project and with the alternative donation links later


I’m happy to announce a new mirror added for the downloads of the ISOs, served in a good machine located in UK, improving the distribution of the downloads (which before was only used 2 mirrors from dreamhost, which are not so reliable) and making the downloads in europe to be faster! :applause:

Thanks a lot Gary Fowles for the mirror!

:furrydance: :happy_dance: :furrydance: