Website of Elive

It just shows me a banner animation about how elive needs these donations, how optional donations are not enough, and how you (@Thanatermesis) made it harder to not donate than to donate.

Like, how you getthe installer modules by donation or by waiting?

:rofl2: :rofl2: The most hilarious thing i have read all day


hum this is very interesting! (and strange), that is not the page that it should be displayed :thinking:

I just checked and for me, the page you said about the slider animation / explanation is this one:

and the page that gives the installer-modules (now cost-free for all the old versions) is this one:

(and it is strange that in the forum, only the first one renders a preview but not the second one)

@TheTechRobo can you confirm that the second link is the same as the first one for you?

What you should see is this:

and, after to introduce a valid installer-code like 63377bd65, it will download the installer-module directly)

what shows for you, @IamElive? :thinking:

I see this and the 3 pompom girls at the bottom.

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ohhhhh i thought that you were talking about the installer module for the beta versions. oops :roll_eyes:

mmh, in fact any version that actually needs installer-modules are cost-free now (technically, any version that is not the -actual- one, and since we are not using them in the new versions for now, all of them)

So I assume there was no any issues for @IamElive & @TheTechRobo and the page works correctly on -what- is expected to show ? :thinking:

It works as expected from my side

Yep! All works well.