What to look for when installing non included Gadgets ? Debian ? Enligtement?

I would like have some guidelines when installing non included software on Elive

Example : suppose I want to install a Weather gadget to have the weather displayed on my desktop.

Debian / Wheezy are the requirements… Or I need to be careful with other specifications ?

You have all the software that you -may- need from the default repositories, if you find the wanted one, that’s the perfect choice

Otherwise you would need to install them by yourself, but that is a very relative topic, the best is to follow the instructions of the software provider, for a debian (wheezy if available) instruction type

Unfortunately for enlightenment there’s no many gadgets (desktop plugins), but you can write your own :slight_smile: :

Unfortunately the tool shown in the video (template creator) is only available in Topaz, im pretty sure that nobody used it lol, but stills a good working example of how to write emodules

More specifically try to use the command line (or package manager gui), like:

~ ❯❯❯ apse weather gui
metar - utility to download/decode METAR reports
~ ❯❯❯ apse weather desktop
conky-all - highly configurable system monitor (all features enabled)
conky-std - highly configurable system monitor (default version)
docky - Elegant, powerful, clean dock
gdesklets - Architecture for desktop applets
gnome-panel - launcher and docking facility for GNOME
plasma-wallpapers-addons - additional wallpaper plugins for Plasma
plasma-widgets-addons - additional widgets for Plasma
ttb - (Dutch) teletekst browser for the desktop
xfce4-goodies - enhancements for the Xfce4 Desktop Environment
gir1.2-mate-panel - GObject introspection data for MATE panel
libmate-panel-applet-4-1 - library for MATE Panel applets
libmate-panel-applet-dbg - library for MATE Panel applets (debugging symbols)
libmate-panel-applet-dev - library for MATE Panel applets (development files)
libmate-panel-applet-doc - library for MATE Panel applets (documentation files)
mate-panel - launcher and docking facility for MATE
mate-panel-common - launcher and docking facility for MATE (common files)
mate-panel-dbg - launcher and docking facility for MATE (debugging symbols)
~ ❯❯❯


  • Not suggested to use KDE things, since they are bloated
  • Not suggested to use some gnome things (others are light, but you must better check your resources consumption to know)
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